16:13 Changeset [4733] by ole
Further optimisation when beta_h == 0 (gained about 5s bring the total …
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16:07 FirstAnugaMeeting created by ole
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13:09 Changeset [4732] by ole
Made max_allowed_speed 0 as default (for very thin layers of water)
13:05 Changeset [4731] by ole
More small optimisations
10:59 Changeset [4730] by ole
10:06 Changeset [4729] by ole
Refactored the function extrapolate_second_order_sw into a gateway routine …


17:27 Changeset [4728] by ole
16:21 Changeset [4727] by ole
More minor optimisations of flux calculations.
14:19 Changeset [4726] by ole
Separated flux function into Gateway and Computational part. This makes …
12:19 Ticket #194 (Retire the separate h-limiter) created by ole
A separete limiter on depth (h-limiter) was introduced in changeset:907 to …
12:10 Ticket #193 (Mesh generation (and consequently, timestepping) differs between Linux and ...) created by ole
The same script and same ANUGA version generates slightly different meshes …
12:02 Changeset [4725] by ole
Investigated mesh (and timestepping) differences across platforms
10:43 Changeset [4724] by ole
Sorted profiling by time
10:41 Changeset [4723] by ole
Play with island.py. It seems that meshes are different when run on Linux …
09:39 Changeset [4722] by steve


19:11 Changeset [4721] by steve
18:32 Changeset [4720] by ole
Played with the 'creep' problem. I am still not sure what is going on.
18:04 Changeset [4719] by ole
Set maximum_allowed_speed to 0 as there is no creep problem here
18:03 Changeset [4718] by ole
Removed raw_input to allow code to run in the background
17:38 Changeset [4717] by ole
Completed committing changeset:4707 and changeset:4708
17:22 Changeset [4716] by ole
Disabled on-screen plotting
17:17 Changeset [4715] by ole
Work on Will's convergence problem
16:12 Changeset [4714] by ole
A small but obvious optimisation
16:09 Changeset [4713] by steve
Implemented 2nd and 3rd order timestepping via the …


22:43 Changeset [4712] by steve
Working on 2nd order time stepping


16:23 Changeset [4711] by ole
Added tolerance for extremum computations
16:12 Changeset [4710] by ole
Implemented dry-cell exclusion for the linear reconstruction step. Time …
13:29 Changeset [4709] by sexton


17:54 Ticket #192 (Obtain maximal and minimal values for conserved quantities) closed by ole
fixed: Implemented in changeset:4699 through to changeset:4706.
17:42 Changeset [4708] by ole
Moved shallow_water_domain_kinetic.py to obsoleted code
17:41 Changeset [4707] by ole
Moved shallow_water_kinetic_ext.c into obsolete code.
17:36 Changeset [4706] by ole
Replaced ':' character with '.' as Windows version of netcdf doesn't allow …
17:17 Changeset [4705] by ole
Some documentation of ticket:192 plus storage of restricting polygon and …
16:42 Changeset [4704] by ole
Implemented ticket:192
14:23 Changeset [4703] by sexton
updated scripts for convergence studu (note, png files created from …
10:06 Changeset [4702] by ole
Work on ticket:192 (and untabify)


17:36 Changeset [4701] by ole
Work towards ticket:192
17:32 Changeset [4700] by sexton
working on converting matlab script to matplotlib
13:48 Changeset [4699] by ole
Cosmetics while pondering over storage of extrema
10:59 Changeset [4698] by sexton
(i) commented matlab script from William (ii) scripts looking at grad data


18:29 Changeset [4697] by ole
Culvert flow prototype for Rudy
16:45 Changeset [4696] by sexton
tests for Lex
13:39 Ticket #147 (Store min and max values of all quantities in sww file) reopened by ole
Please put a pointer to the changeset that implemented this ticket.
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10:17 Ticket #192 (Obtain maximal and minimal values for conserved quantities) created by ole
Will Power suggested at the August Tsunami Risk Modelling Workshop that a …


10:28 Changeset [4695] by ole
Started to convert Will Power's plotting script from Matlab to Python


16:37 Changeset [4694] by ole
Update on Will's convergence example
15:44 Changeset [4693] by ole
Will's convergences study files
14:59 Changeset [4692] by ole
Added directory for Will Power's convergence_study


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13:48 Ticket #191 (time varying bathymetry) created by ole
time varying bathymetry - could be used for sediment transport, coastal …


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17:18 Changeset [4691] by ole
Warning about polygon points close together causing very small triangles.
12:07 Changeset [4690] by ole
Code prettyfication and dry cell experiment (commented out) in …
09:43 Ticket #190 (Convert UQ validation into automatic unit test) created by ole
Code from Matt at UQ was installed in changeset:4680 It needs to be …


18:00 Changeset [4689] by ole
Steep point back log
17:57 Changeset [4688] by ole
Added caching dependency on .prj files in addition to .asc
17:09 Changeset [4687] by ole
Optimised gravity term making update_conserved_quantities faster. Instead …
15:04 Changeset [4686] by ole
Tried tests and automated validation with non-optimised slope limiters and …
14:23 Changeset [4685] by ole
Implemented optimisation excluding dry cells from flux calculation. All …


18:22 Changeset [4684] by ole
Flux test


16:34 Changeset [4683] by sexton
minor changes


17:57 Changeset [4682] by ole
Work in progress towards a 'dry cell' and 'still water' exclusion …
16:37 Changeset [4681] by ole
Cleaned up flux computation code and profiled.
15:11 Changeset [4680] by ole
More code from Matt at UQ towards validation. It runs now, but validation …
12:08 Changeset [4679] by ole
Typos and more meaningful error message
12:04 Changeset [4678] by ole
Added validation scripts and data from UQ (Matt Barnes). It does not run …


16:39 Changeset [4677] by ole
Installed improvement to flux limiter ensuring consistency between …
14:29 Changeset [4676] by ole
Starting point for ANUGA validation paper - essentially lifted from Ole's …
13:45 Changeset [4675] by ole
Added directory for ANUGA validation paper.


18:14 Changeset [4674] by ole
18:11 Changeset [4673] by ole
Updates from Ted Rigby and Rudy van Drie
17:32 Changeset [4672] by sexton
incorporating graduate survey data into revised Onslow model


15:38 Changeset [4671] by ole
Small fix in runup test
12:10 Changeset [4670] by ole


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17:40 Changeset [4669] by ole
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