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17:21 Changeset [4875] by sexton
updates to manual - highlighting the hypothetical nature of the Cairns …


18:04 Ticket #236 (update Cairns example with new plotting functions) created by jane.sexton@…
When the new functions are ready, please update the Cairns demo to use …
17:40 Changeset [4874] by sexton
16:24 Changeset [4873] by duncan
16:21 Changeset [4872] by duncan
fitting benchmark update. Investigating adding neighbour triangles in …
15:00 Changeset [4871] by sexton
including more FAQs in usermanual


17:36 Ticket #235 (validate okushiri causes PyEval_RestoreThread: NULL tstate on Windows) created by ole
The validation result is fine, but the error probably has to do with …
16:42 Changeset [4870] by ole
16:15 Ticket #231 (validate_all fails on tornado node) closed by ole
worksforme: Verified that validate_all runs OK on windows, nautilus, cyclone and …
16:02 Changeset [4869] by sexton
updating Cairns demo for the usermanual
14:12 Changeset [4868] by ole
Ensured that stored momentum is zero whenever depth is less than …
11:47 Changeset [4867] by ole
Added verbose keyword to the experimental Inflow class
11:37 Ticket #233 (test_fit_time_and_mem fails on Nautilus) closed by duncan
11:33 Changeset [4866] by duncan
timing/mem changes
11:25 Ticket #234 (using holes when creating a mesh does not work with fitting) created by duncan
Hi, I have a problem using the function add_hole_from_polygon(). When I …
08:11 Ticket #224 (SWW aren't using single precision anymore?) closed by jane.sexton@…
fixed: Checked Cairns demo - sww files are now more sensible size (around 400 Mb)


18:56 Ticket #233 (test_fit_time_and_mem fails on Nautilus) created by ole
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ran …
18:51 Changeset [4865] by ole
Work towards ticket:222
18:43 Changeset [4864] by ole
Some renaming for consistency reasons
18:13 Ticket #232 (maximum_inundation_from_sww test failing in windows) closed by ole
fixed: This was fixed in changeset:4863 The algorithm exploits the fact that x …
17:46 Changeset [4863] by ole
Fixed ticket:232 - the problem was that the only proper floats can be …


16:55 Ticket #232 (maximum_inundation_from_sww test failing in windows) created by duncan
maximum_inundation_from_sww test failing in windows. I think the …
16:52 Changeset [4862] by duncan
13:56 Changeset [4861] by duncan
Fit speed up for when there is a lot of blocking
13:54 Changeset [4860] by duncan
adding cairns demo for timings
13:14 Ticket #231 (validate_all fails on tornado node) created by duncan
validate_all fails on tornado node since pylab could not be installed
12:50 Ticket #229 (Problem with Randint from Numeric when use by split in geospatial_data on ...) closed by nick
12:49 Ticket #230 (Problem with Randint from Numeric when use by split in geospatial_data on ...) created by nick
Here is a small piece of code that highlights the problem, it runs in …
12:42 Ticket #229 (Problem with Randint from Numeric when use by split in geospatial_data on ...) created by nick
Here is a small piece of code that highlights the problem, it runs in …
11:42 Changeset [4859] by duncan
check the last triangle fit/interp speed up. Upgrading the code to time …
09:09 Changeset [4858] by duncan
having unix/dos format problems


17:11 Changeset [4857] by ole
16:18 Changeset [4856] by sexton
rename plot_polygons_points to original name of plot_polygons
10:32 Ticket #209 (update "find_optimal_smoothing_parameter" to read a mesh file) closed by nick
fixed: Done, plus is tested with a unit test


12:16 Ticket #228 (test_all failing) closed by duncan
12:16 Ticket #228 (test_all failing) created by duncan
test_all fails with this error; […]
12:16 Changeset [4855] by duncan
bug fix
10:23 Ticket #219 (A fitting algorithm to investigate.) closed by duncan


17:18 Ticket #227 (Add more printed out information about progress create_mesh_from_regions) created by nick
It would be great to add some more printed out information in …
14:47 Changeset [4854] by duncan
name fix
13:14 Ticket #226 (Problem with sww2timeseries output file location is not consistent) created by nick
Matt Pittard installed anuga on C drive on a windows xp PC. He noticed …
10:57 Ticket #225 (Add functionality to Screen_catcher to print to screen and save) created by nick
I think this should be fairly simply Here is the class Screen catcher, …


18:05 Changeset [4853] by sexton
reflecting updated function in other files
17:51 Changeset [4852] by sexton
more updates to plotting points inside and outside boundary polygon
15:24 Changeset [4851] by sexton
minor update
15:09 Ticket #178 (Time to load and fit mesh file (domain.set_quantity) is the slowest part ...) reopened by ole
Stephen Roberts reckons we should pursue the idea about storing triangle …
15:04 Changeset [4850] by nick
cleaned up "screen_catcher" and made "copy_code_files" more flexible
15:02 Changeset [4849] by ole
Removed reference to missing Python24.dll. The problem was fixed in …
14:53 Changeset [4848] by ole
Installation guide updated according to ticket:221
14:47 Ticket #221 (Unit tests on latest sourceforge version and svn version will not complete ...) closed by ole
wontfix: Allclose should easily be able to compare lists to Numeric arrays - as you …
14:40 Changeset [4847] by nick
fixed some print statement
14:36 Changeset [4846] by nick
update code so outputs go to data directory on gniess
13:54 Changeset [4845] by sexton
generate plot to show interpolation points (which could be the model …


15:15 Ticket #204 (okushiri validation failing on remotely accessing linux) closed by ole
fixed: If you are happy, I am happy!
15:15 Changeset [4844] by ole
14:20 Changeset [4843] by duncan
getting plotting going again
14:18 Ticket #224 (SWW aren't using single precision anymore?) created by ole
Joaquim Luis pointed this out on Sourceforge on 14th November 2007. We …
11:38 Changeset [4842] by duncan
working on validation changes
11:22 Ticket #201 (Memory errors in latest version (1.0beta_4733) - and possible speed ...) closed by duncan
fixed: fixed. General_mesh had a function that was very slow if absolute values …
10:58 Changeset [4841] by duncan
commenting out prints
10:55 Changeset [4840] by duncan
tweaking for nautilus
10:45 Changeset [4839] by duncan
speeding up slow functions in general mesh. Fix for ticket 201. Also …
09:40 Changeset [4838] by steve
Changed exception in fit_interpolation from ToFewPointsError? to …
04:10 Changeset [4837] by ole
Cleanup of config and comments
03:20 Ticket #223 (sww2domain is failing in (DISABLED)test_sww2domain2) created by ole
Currently the parameter minimum_storable_height controls the smallest …


17:38 Changeset [4836] by ole
Arranged for timestepping statistic for chosen triangle, e.g. one of the …
16:32 Changeset [4835] by ole
Added a newline in timestepping_statistics
16:20 Ticket #222 (Decide on a process for guaranteeing that datasets bundled with ANUGA are ...) created by ole
Here's an idea: First step is to identify all datasets distributed with …
15:28 Changeset [4834] by ole
Reverted change to shallow_water_ext.c committed in changeset:4829 as it …
14:18 Ticket #204 (okushiri validation failing on remotely accessing linux) reopened by ole
It is annoying that plots aren't being generated (as files) whenever they …
14:16 Ticket #217 (Better error message if a boundary point lies outside the area defined in ...) reopened by ole
Jane suggested additionally plotting polygon and points in question as a …
14:15 Changeset [4833] by ole
Suggestion towards ticket:217
11:25 Changeset [4832] by nick
add cocos island interpolation test
11:03 Ticket #221 (Unit tests on latest sourceforge version and svn version will not complete ...) created by John Jakeman
I cannot install the latest svn version of ANUGA onto my ubuntu 7.04 …
10:56 Changeset [4831] by duncan
working on ticket#220
10:52 Ticket #220 (generate mesh returns bad meshes for very small and very large maximum ...) created by duncan
When generating a mesh, very small (~0.0001) and very large(~1e12) maximum …
09:27 Changeset [4830] by duncan


17:05 Changeset [4829] by ole
Now tracking max_speed between yieldsteps for use with …
16:29 Ticket #219 (A fitting algorithm to investigate.) created by duncan
Currently when building the quad tree each cell stores the triangle …
14:30 Changeset [4828] by ole
Test of timestepping_statistics
11:39 Changeset [4827] by ole
Better timestepping statistics including derived quantities such as …


08:29 Ticket #218 (Try to replace momentum limiters with constant speed versions) created by ole
Use idea from changeset:4825 and changeset:4826 to see if we can retire …
06:15 Changeset [4826] by ole
Ooops forgot to recompute balanced vertex depths in previous version. It …
05:58 Changeset [4825] by ole
Really simple and attractive way of controlling vertex momenta. This came …


17:21 Changeset [4824] by ole
Beginnings of differentiation between xllcorner and xllcenter. Not yet …
17:17 Changeset [4823] by ole
Work towards tight_slope_limiters with balanced velocities and/or Froude …
17:14 Changeset [4822] by ole
17:10 Changeset [4821] by ole
Added comment about fitting speed and changed the default back to the code …
14:23 Ticket #217 (Better error message if a boundary point lies outside the area defined in ...) closed by ole
fixed: This was addressed in changeset:4820
14:23 Changeset [4820] by ole
Addressed ticket:217
14:22 Ticket #217 (Better error message if a boundary point lies outside the area defined in ...) created by ole
This was suggested by Joaquim Luis and Rajaraman in Sourceforge postings …
12:19 Changeset [4819] by ole
Added directory for release notes
12:14 Ticket #216 (Add documentation of optimal_smoothing_parameter in user manual) created by ole
The function needs to be documented in the user manual when it is ready to …


14:31 Ticket #215 (Well Balanced implementation of Flux and Gravity term) created by anonymous
It is evident in zero flow situations that the flux and gravity terms are …
14:26 Ticket #214 (Discontinuous Bathymetry) created by steve
Discontinuous Bathymetry should be implemented. This would help to deal …
14:21 Ticket #213 (Review vertex and edge limiter) created by steve
Will Power has identified a situation (periodic forcing) which seems to …
14:13 Changeset [4818] by ole
Added Joaquim Luis' suggestion about polygon orientation in …
11:20 Changeset [4817] by ole
Fixed cachestat to recognise boolean values of the compression keyword.
10:24 Changeset [4816] by nick
changed find_optimal_smoothing_parameter to use a passed mesh_file and …


17:43 Changeset [4815] by ole
Work towards Froude_number adjusted, balanced limiters. This is currently …
10:56 Changeset [4814] by ole
Added separate file with Patch suggested by Joaquim Luis. When we have a …


12:38 Ticket #212 (Have proper installers written) created by ole
It'd be good to distribute ANUGA using * a Win32 installer * a Debian …


17:14 Changeset [4813] by ole
17:03 Changeset [4812] by ole
Added diagnostics about missing compiler and comments to the compile …
16:02 Changeset [4811] by ole
Added error message in case compiler can't be found.
14:17 Changeset [4810] by ole
Moved files from joaquim_luis into the autovalidation suite to check …
13:21 Changeset [4809] by ole
Updates and comments arising from Rajaraman's postings on sourceforge: …
13:12 Ticket #211 (Use correct interpretation of xllcorner and yllcorner) created by ole
The current interpretation of xllcorner and yllcorner is wrong. As …
10:27 Ticket #210 (Automatically run realistic example in test suite) created by ole
Need to run all demos used in the manual. This will also check things like …
09:53 Changeset [4808] by duncan
bug fix


17:41 Changeset [4807] by ole
Added field_boundary file for Joaquim Luis test
17:25 Changeset [4806] by duncan
Removing fit using the domain mesh. There's a bug somewhere.
17:01 Changeset [4805] by ole
Work towards making tight_slope_limiters the default. Next step is to run …
16:33 Changeset [4804] by ole
Made order of tests predictable across platforms. Improved comments in …
15:48 Changeset [4803] by ole
Development files from joaquim_luis in regard to sourceforge mailing list …
09:08 Ticket #209 (update "find_optimal_smoothing_parameter" to read a mesh file) created by nick
find_optimal_smoothing_parameter in geospatial_data currently defines a …


17:33 Ticket #207 (Include auto validations in distribution) closed by ole
fixed: Fixed in changeset:4802
17:31 Changeset [4802] by ole
Added auto validations to distribution (ticket:207) and updated …
17:06 Changeset [4801] by ole
Comments about crontab
10:38 Ticket #208 (Run Cairns Example again and update the manual.) created by ole
Discrepancies between the results reported in the manual and actual runs …


16:09 Changeset [4800] by nick
testing validation
15:42 Changeset [4799] by nick
working on validation
14:20 Changeset [4798] by nick
add input file
14:19 Changeset [4797] by nick
still setting up validation


18:06 Ticket #207 (Include auto validations in distribution) created by ole
Include the automatic validations in the sourceforge distribution. Also, …
18:01 Changeset [4796] by ole
Disabled faulty test in Advection and also commented the logging info out. …
17:43 Changeset [4795] by duncan
bug fix
17:28 Changeset [4794] by ole
Added some print out statements in advection.py to see if it is being …
17:08 Changeset [4793] by ole
Small fix in the advection module to trace strange error that only happens …
15:54 Changeset [4792] by ole
Updated installation guide with version number
15:46 Changeset [4791] by ole
15:36 Changeset [4790] by ole
15:31 Changeset [4789] by ole
15:27 Changeset [4788] by ole
Clean up
15:24 Changeset [4787] by ole
Moved version functions to system_tools
15:16 Changeset [4786] by ole
Moved major revision info to anuga_config, updated scripts and made …
14:58 Changeset [4785] by ole
Added build placeholder to Release info in user guide
14:46 Changeset [4784] by ole
cronjob comment
14:11 Changeset [4783] by duncan
modified to aid in debugging
13:50 Changeset [4782] by ole
Updates to user manual on uniquely stored vertices triggered by posting by …
13:35 Changeset [4781] by duncan
13:11 Changeset [4780] by duncan
Bug fix
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