17:30 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:29 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:28 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:28 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:26 Ticket #261 (Modelling the observed effects of the Nias March 2005 tsunami on Western ...) created by ole
Graduate proposal aiming at validationg the tsunami modelling methodology …
17:23 Ticket #260 (Validation of the tsunami modelling methodology against the 2004 tsunami) created by ole
Conduct Validation of the Tsunami Modelling Methodology using impact data …
17:22 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:20 Ticket #259 (The role of the Great Barrier Reef in tsunami events) created by ole
Graduate proposal aiming to study the effect of the GBR on tsunamis. See …
16:54 Changeset [5172] by ole
Added graduate_proposal_smf_development.doc from Jane
16:51 Ticket #258 (Modelling the observed effects of the 1953 tsunami on Suva, Fiji) created by ole
This is a graduate proposal: See …
16:44 Changeset [5171] by sexton
add cadet project ideas
16:37 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:37 Changeset [5170] by ole
Another rename
16:36 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:36 Changeset [5169] by ole
Update to diagram. Renamed long term plan for Tsunami Risk Modelling …
16:33 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:31 Changeset [5168] by ole
Update to diagram. Added long term plan for Tsunami Risk Modelling …
16:15 PlanningProcess edited by ole
15:14 PlanningProcess edited by ole
15:12 PlanningProcess edited by ole
15:10 PlanningProcess edited by ole
15:08 Changeset [5167] by ole
Added planning diagram
15:02 WikiStart edited by ole
14:58 PlanningProcess created by ole
14:57 WikiStart edited by ole
14:57 WikiStart edited by ole


11:24 Changeset [5166] by steve
Had a problem with test_util in abstract_2d_finite_volumes. Problem with …
10:55 Ticket #257 (Catch error if polygons are warped) created by ole
Petar Milevsky of Wollongong created a mesh with a warped polygon (see …
10:41 Changeset [5165] by ole
Comments for bad_mesh
10:40 Changeset [5164] by ole
More work on bad_mesh
10:34 Changeset [5163] by ole
Added example from Petar Milevsky, Wollongong, where bad mesh is being …


20:43 Changeset [5162] by steve
Updated some methods for quantity. Looks like we can use old limiting …
19:00 Changeset [5161] by steve
15:52 Changeset [5160] by ole
Added missing edge in bounding polygon for Busselton as directed by Nick
15:26 Changeset [5159] by nick
update Hand over notes from nick.doc
11:58 Changeset [5158] by nick
added houdini source code and hip files to make visualisation
11:41 Changeset [5157] by nick
update run_busselton.py
11:40 Changeset [5156] by nick
added handover notes and update Production Processes.doc
10:16 Changeset [5155] by duncan
10:13 Changeset [5154] by duncan
commiting most recent dir
04:21 Changeset [5153] by ole
Updated the old netherlands example in preparation for Steve's new …


16:03 Changeset [5152] by nick
update perth/project.py
16:02 Changeset [5151] by nick
uncomment run section of script
16:00 Changeset [5150] by nick
update geraldton
15:59 Changeset [5149] by nick
update busselton
15:57 Changeset [5148] by nick
update broome/project_urs.py
15:43 Changeset [5147] by nick
update run_circular.py
15:41 Changeset [5146] by nick
update geospatial_data.py
15:40 Changeset [5145] by nick
update Production Processes.doc
12:14 Ticket #256 (Is parallel anuga working?) created by nick
I have run a couple of test with parallel anuga and none have worked …
11:53 Ticket #216 (Add documentation of optimal_smoothing_parameter in user manual) closed by anonymous
11:53 Changeset [5144] by nick
add information about 'find_optimal_smoothing_parameter' to the …


11:54 Changeset [5143] by nick
add split and find_optimal_smoothing_parameter to …
11:41 Changeset [5142] by nick
update get_compared_graphs.py
11:40 Changeset [5141] by nick
update csv2timeseries_graphs


16:58 Ticket #188 (test_make_plots_from_csv_files fails on Tornado) closed by anonymous
fixed: nick fixed
16:56 Changeset [5140] by duncan
adding pdfs with alot of white space at the bottom on the pretext that no …
16:37 Changeset [5139] by herve
deleting data files
16:29 Changeset [5138] by jack
Python 2.5 on Windows uses .pyd to identify extension modules, not .dll. …
16:16 Changeset [5137] by nick
edited docstring
16:15 Changeset [5136] by nick
Addressing trac ticket 188
16:02 Ticket #255 (ANUGA dies mysteriously in clip of geospatial_data dies with no error ...) created by nick
The error should be replicated if you run the build_geraldton.py script in …
11:53 Changeset [5135] by herve
11:43 Changeset [5134] by herve
original tonga files
11:40 Changeset [5133] by jack
Removed some dead code. Fixed the search for python dll on windows …


17:00 Ticket #151 (incorporate the get_timeseries.py script into anuga source) closed by anonymous
fixed: see sww2csv_gauges and csv2timeseries_graphs in …
16:56 Ticket #227 (Add more printed out information about progress create_mesh_from_regions) closed by nick
invalid: Great, extra print statements are not necessary anymore
09:40 Changeset [5132] by nick
add endnote library that contains a literature search for references of …
08:56 Changeset [5131] by nick
add old circular island script that uses the sqrt table. Added code to …


18:20 Changeset [5130] by ole
Struggled with getting ~ to show up in hyperlink
17:13 Changeset [5129] by ole
Links to Python tutorials
16:57 Changeset [5128] by ole
Added .stdout to clean_all.py
15:01 Changeset [5127] by ole
14:37 Changeset [5126] by ole
Moved clean all to repository root
12:45 Changeset [5125] by sexton
including TRIM information into Cairns licence file
10:09 Changeset [5124] by ole
Need TRIM ref for Cairns license
09:50 Changeset [5123] by nick
updates to circular island model. Now uses Numeric sqrt instead of a sqrt …
09:41 Changeset [5122] by nick
updates to perth
09:41 Changeset [5121] by nick
updates to busselton
08:03 Ticket #237 (test_all failing on cyclone nodes - test_find_optimal_smoothing_parameter ...) closed by nick
fixed: I have modified the 4 tests that failed to be skiped when run on cyclone …
08:00 Changeset [5120] by nick
edited four test so they are skipped when run on cyclone cluster nodes. …


17:33 Changeset [5119] by ole
17:08 Changeset [5118] by ole
17:06 Changeset [5117] by ole
Added some cleanup statements in tests
16:54 Changeset [5116] by duncan
IP licence work
16:48 Ticket #225 (Add functionality to Screen_catcher to print to screen and save) closed by nick
wontfix: This is being closed due the very low priority and my research into it …
16:20 Changeset [5115] by duncan
removing debug print statements. Reducing memory use of sww2dem
16:16 Changeset [5114] by ole
16:12 Ticket #254 (Allow functions used in set_quantity and also forcing functions to use ...) created by ole
In changeset:5090 the manual was updated to show how one should pass the …
16:01 Changeset [5113] by ole
Uncommented line to make sure runup.py is exactly as discussed in the …
15:58 Changeset [5112] by ole
Moved work on Will Power's attenuation problem from runup demo in the …
15:00 Changeset [5111] by nick
updates to perth
14:57 Ticket #222 (Decide on a process for guaranteeing that datasets bundled with ANUGA are ...) closed by anonymous
14:49 Changeset [5110] by duncan
IP licence work
13:58 Changeset [5109] by duncan
IP licence work
12:04 Changeset [5108] by duncan
IP licence work
10:44 Changeset [5107] by duncan
10:30 Changeset [5106] by duncan
IP licence work
10:27 Changeset [5105] by duncan
IP licence work
10:09 Changeset [5104] by duncan
IP licence work
09:55 Ticket #253 (Can geospatial_data use caching?) created by nick
Currently geospatial_data object doesn't use caching. It would be …


16:55 Changeset [5103] by ole
Added a couple more candidate journals for the ANUGA paper.
15:35 Changeset [5102] by duncan
Trying Stephen's suggestions
15:01 Changeset [5101] by duncan
looking at attenuation when doing Michael Hughes study.
13:09 Changeset [5100] by duncan
icon tweak
13:03 Changeset [5099] by duncan
13:01 Changeset [5098] by duncan
12:47 Changeset [5097] by duncan
Tweaks to icons
10:39 Changeset [5096] by duncan
bug fix
09:30 Changeset [5095] by duncan
Running different scenarios


17:14 Changeset [5094] by nick
small change to 'readme' file
11:31 Changeset [5093] by duncan
Add more to simulation
10:06 Changeset [5092] by duncan
updated simulations


15:51 Changeset [5091] by ole
15:32 Changeset [5090] by ole
Added information on georeferencing to Polygon_function.
14:07 Ticket #252 (Transmissive_Momentum_Set_Stage boundary may cause numerical instabilities) created by ole
This boundary condition was implemented to allow momentum to be …
13:48 Changeset [5089] by ole
Minor bug fixes
13:39 Changeset [5088] by ole
Updated user manual with reference to Polygon_function and that default …
11:15 Changeset [5087] by ole
Released decimated polygon for distribution now that it is a decimated …
10:43 Changeset [5086] by ole
Decimated polygon test file to remove potentially licensed data. Fiddled …


10:12 Changeset [5085] by ole
Further simplification of run_dam debugging.
10:02 Changeset [5084] by ole
Simplified debug of transmissive_momentum_set_stage
09:23 Changeset [5083] by ole
09:22 Changeset [5082] by ole
Moved debug from core distribution to development area.
09:19 Changeset [5081] by ole
Enabled transmissive_momentum_set_stage boundary object to reuse input …
09:18 Changeset [5080] by ole
Reinstated track_speeds diagnostics in case timestep gets too small.
09:12 Changeset [5079] by ole
Added some statistics to run_dam.


16:05 Changeset [5078] by duncan
indent typo
15:46 Changeset [5077] by duncan
Add info from Michael
15:34 Changeset [5076] by duncan
Adding draft flume tank in preparation to see Hinwood
15:25 Changeset [5075] by duncan
slight change
13:34 Changeset [5074] by duncan
main file of an example of a scenario giving a too small timestep error.
13:12 Changeset [5073] by duncan
example of a scenario giving a too small timestep error.
09:06 Changeset [5072] by ole
Implemented function to obtain path for a python package and refactored …


17:01 Changeset [5071] by nick
Updates to csv2timeseries_graphs... please test it out :)
16:01 Ticket #208 (Run Cairns Example again and update the manual.) closed by anonymous
12:40 Ticket #251 (can't find ScientificPython 2.4.9 for use with the installation guide) created by jane.sexton@…
The current link goes to an empty page The following link provides …


16:31 Changeset [5070] by nick
small changes to start_screen_catcher
16:30 Changeset [5069] by nick
smaller changes to csv2timeseries_graphs


17:24 Changeset [5068] by ole
Refactored dirs to distribute into separate module and updated create and …
16:56 Changeset [5067] by sexton
updated licence files
16:01 Changeset [5066] by sexton
15:12 Changeset [5065] by nick
update run_circular.py with exporting gauges
06:20 Ticket #250 (Extend set_quantity to allow addition of values) created by ole
Sometimes, there is a need for adding values to a quantity - e.g. to put …


18:12 Changeset [5064] by ole
removed solitary waves from this.
18:10 Changeset [5063] by ole
License file
18:07 Changeset [5062] by ole
Moved solitary waves work out from validation and into development area. …
17:58 Changeset [5061] by ole
Moved demo asc and prj files to pixel registration work area
17:56 Changeset [5060] by ole
Moved Pixel registration to development area
17:02 Changeset [5059] by duncan
Adding some more programming extensions
16:59 Changeset [5058] by duncan
Removing old icons
16:48 Changeset [5057] by ole
Simplified things
16:42 Changeset [5056] by ole
License file for redfearn.xls
16:35 Changeset [5055] by ole
15:57 Changeset [5054] by ole
Comment about origin of redfearn implementation
15:44 Changeset [5053] by ole
Added more data formats to ignore and more documentation
13:44 Changeset [5052] by ole
Nicer output of data_audit.
13:38 Changeset [5051] by ole
More license files and cleanup in user manual area
13:24 Changeset [5050] by duncan
generalising test
10:39 Changeset [5049] by ole
A few more license files
10:30 Changeset [5048] by ole
Refactored 64 bit fix into new function: safe_crc


18:52 Changeset [5047] by sexton
licence files for user manual
18:33 Changeset [5046] by ole
Only apply 64 bit fix on 64 bit platforms!
18:30 Changeset [5045] by ole
Made zlib.crc32 compatible on 64 bit platforms. The fix used is due to …
18:20 Changeset [5044] by ole
Dealt with path of external file for use with unit test.
17:59 Changeset [5043] by ole
17:58 Changeset [5042] by ole
Used binary mode in compute_chekcksum for portability
17:52 Changeset [5041] by ole
Added new test for checksum's based on a real, persistent files. Previous …
16:44 Changeset [5040] by ole
Work and data audit. Added a bunch of license files.
15:26 Changeset [5039] by ole
13:35 Ticket #249 (problem with domain.set_time()... NO writer?) created by nick
In the model to validate ANUGA to the circular island wavetank experiment. …
13:32 Changeset [5038] by nick
updates of run_circular.py
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