16:53 WikiStart edited by ole
16:53 WikiStart edited by ole
10:23 Ticket #251 (can't find ScientificPython 2.4.9 for use with the installation guide) closed by duncan
fixed: ScientificPython?-2.4.9.win32-py2.4.exe has been added to SourceForge?. …
10:08 Changeset [5196] by duncan
Additional functionality. Output stage .csv as well.
10:07 Changeset [5195] by duncan
Generalising to work in EQRM
09:09 Changeset [5194] by herve
run scripts for tonga
08:48 Ticket #268 (Update installation guide) created by ole
Suggestions by Craig Palmer


10:03 Changeset [5193] by duncan
Creating an example importing an ungenerate file


15:55 Changeset [5192] by duncan
near shore work, new limiters primary function, with build-up phase


15:18 Changeset [5191] by duncan
near shore work, new limiters
15:17 Changeset [5190] by duncan
near shore work, no new limiters
11:36 Changeset [5189] by duncan
adding hacky function, points2polygon
11:35 Changeset [5188] by duncan
abstracting colour information
11:19 Changeset [5187] by duncan
10:36 Changeset [5186] by ole
Changed header according to style (Peter Petkovic)


17:50 Changeset [5185] by ole
Major review of priorities and resourcing. Removed activity list.
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15:20 Meeting20080411 created by ole
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15:16 TsunamiValidation created by ole
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14:51 Ticket #267 (ANUGA maintenance and development) created by ole
This is an IM project: See …
14:47 Ticket #266 (Tsunami Online Delivery Framework) created by ole
This is an IM project: See …
14:46 Changeset [5184] by ole
Added the two IM projects: Tsunami Online Delivery and ANUGA maintenance
14:36 Changeset [5183] by ole
Implemented a workaround the problem described in ticket:235 Windows …


16:58 Changeset [5182] by ole
Removed test that only executed on Windows Also made any further reference …
16:39 Changeset [5181] by ole
Made tight_slope_limiters = True the default. Fixed a few tests Did some …
13:48 Ticket #265 (Model to continue beyond end of time in forcing terms such as rainfall) created by ole
Currently, ANUGA will stop once a rainfall timeseries ends. It would be …


14:13 Changeset [5180] by steve
Added an example which has soliton type solutions (tilted.py)


13:46 Changeset [5179] by sexton
test function for Okada earthquake source function


17:25 Changeset [5178] by ole
Rainfall restricted to polygon
15:42 Ticket #264 (John to provide Richard with coordinates tracing the existing ANUGA ...) created by ole
So that Richard may provide coarse URS output at the nearest 2min points.
14:43 Ticket #263 (Build boundary object for URS point output) created by ole


17:21 Changeset [5177] by steve
2nd order with edge limiting being tested in dam_break.py
08:36 WikiStart edited by ole
04:45 Ticket #262 (Implement option to calculate momentum using centroid speeds) created by ole
This calculation is currently part of the code balance_deep_and_shallow …


21:02 Changeset [5176] by steve
Edge limiter needed protection from small values of h
20:02 Changeset [5175] by steve
Ole and I seem to have got edge limiteri working. Set …
17:44 Changeset [5174] by sexton
updated grad proposal on smfs


17:05 Changeset [5173] by ole
Beautified demos


17:30 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:29 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:28 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:28 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:26 Ticket #261 (Modelling the observed effects of the Nias March 2005 tsunami on Western ...) created by ole
Graduate proposal aiming at validationg the tsunami modelling methodology …
17:23 Ticket #260 (Validation of the tsunami modelling methodology against the 2004 tsunami) created by ole
Conduct Validation of the Tsunami Modelling Methodology using impact data …
17:22 PlanningProcess edited by ole
17:20 Ticket #259 (The role of the Great Barrier Reef in tsunami events) created by ole
Graduate proposal aiming to study the effect of the GBR on tsunamis. See …
16:54 Changeset [5172] by ole
Added graduate_proposal_smf_development.doc from Jane
16:51 Ticket #258 (Modelling the observed effects of the 1953 tsunami on Suva, Fiji) created by ole
This is a graduate proposal: See …
16:44 Changeset [5171] by sexton
add cadet project ideas
16:37 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:37 Changeset [5170] by ole
Another rename
16:36 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:36 Changeset [5169] by ole
Update to diagram. Renamed long term plan for Tsunami Risk Modelling …
16:33 PlanningProcess edited by ole
16:31 Changeset [5168] by ole
Update to diagram. Added long term plan for Tsunami Risk Modelling …
16:15 PlanningProcess edited by ole
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15:10 PlanningProcess edited by ole
15:08 Changeset [5167] by ole
Added planning diagram
15:02 WikiStart edited by ole
14:58 PlanningProcess created by ole
14:57 WikiStart edited by ole
14:57 WikiStart edited by ole


11:24 Changeset [5166] by steve
Had a problem with test_util in abstract_2d_finite_volumes. Problem with …
10:55 Ticket #257 (Catch error if polygons are warped) created by ole
Petar Milevsky of Wollongong created a mesh with a warped polygon (see …
10:41 Changeset [5165] by ole
Comments for bad_mesh
10:40 Changeset [5164] by ole
More work on bad_mesh
10:34 Changeset [5163] by ole
Added example from Petar Milevsky, Wollongong, where bad mesh is being …


20:43 Changeset [5162] by steve
Updated some methods for quantity. Looks like we can use old limiting …
19:00 Changeset [5161] by steve
15:52 Changeset [5160] by ole
Added missing edge in bounding polygon for Busselton as directed by Nick
15:26 Changeset [5159] by nick
update Hand over notes from nick.doc
11:58 Changeset [5158] by nick
added houdini source code and hip files to make visualisation
11:41 Changeset [5157] by nick
update run_busselton.py
11:40 Changeset [5156] by nick
added handover notes and update Production Processes.doc
10:16 Changeset [5155] by duncan
10:13 Changeset [5154] by duncan
commiting most recent dir
04:21 Changeset [5153] by ole
Updated the old netherlands example in preparation for Steve's new …


16:03 Changeset [5152] by nick
update perth/project.py
16:02 Changeset [5151] by nick
uncomment run section of script
16:00 Changeset [5150] by nick
update geraldton
15:59 Changeset [5149] by nick
update busselton
15:57 Changeset [5148] by nick
update broome/project_urs.py
15:43 Changeset [5147] by nick
update run_circular.py
15:41 Changeset [5146] by nick
update geospatial_data.py
15:40 Changeset [5145] by nick
update Production Processes.doc
12:14 Ticket #256 (Is parallel anuga working?) created by nick
I have run a couple of test with parallel anuga and none have worked …
11:53 Ticket #216 (Add documentation of optimal_smoothing_parameter in user manual) closed by anonymous
11:53 Changeset [5144] by nick
add information about 'find_optimal_smoothing_parameter' to the …
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