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13:10 DownLoadUbuntu created by habili
10:56 anuga.key attached to WikiStart by habili


17:54 Changeset [7889] by wilsonr
Initial try at getting it working.


14:12 Changeset [7888] by habili
Renamed remotely
09:38 Changeset [7887] by steve
Changed back to old version of sparse to get test_all.py working again.


17:09 Changeset [7886] by steve
Copied sudi's directory
17:04 Changeset [7885] by steve
Remove a couple of bin files
17:03 Changeset [7884] by steve
Moving 2010 project
11:28 Changeset [7883] by habili
Added 2010 to licence
10:23 Changeset [7882] by habili
Creating branch version 1.2


16:27 Ticket #352 (checkpointing progress to restore in case of an interrupted run) created by hudson
Domain can safely be pickled, but boundaries that use functions or lambdas …
15:58 AnugaCheckpoints edited by hudson
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16:36 Changeset [7881] by hudson
16:35 Changeset [7880] by hudson
16:20 Changeset [7879] by hudson
15:48 Changeset [7878] by hudson
11:26 Changeset [7877] by hudson
Moved all development files into trunk.
09:17 Changeset [7876] by hudson
Updates to docs


13:23 Changeset [7875] by steve
Added init.py so shallow_water_balanced cna be imported
11:13 Changeset [7874] by hudson
Added ungenerate function to public API.
11:12 Ticket #336 (Using ungenerate format to add e.g. buildings) closed by hudson
fixed: New anuga.file.ungenerate class for loading ungenerate files.
11:10 Changeset [7873] by hudson
Added ungenerate loading functionality.


22:38 Changeset [7872] by hudson
Fixed a few unit test errors.


15:46 Changeset [7871] by hudson
Fixed a couple of errors in the unit test.
14:33 Changeset [7870] by hudson
Cleaned up pylint warnings.


17:52 Changeset [7869] by hudson
Shallow water balanced tests fail, but no longer have errors.
17:30 Changeset [7868] by steve
Added in some more c based limiters
12:10 Changeset [7867] by hudson
User manual improvements.
12:04 Changeset [7866] by hudson
More swb tests passing. Cleaned up some pylint errors.
11:20 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson


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19:00 newinventors_2009_ep19.mp4 attached to NewInventors by ole
The New Inventors episode 19, June 2010
11:26 Changeset [7865] by hudson
Refactoring to clean up pylint errors.
10:47 Ticket #350 (Error with log.critical in runcairns.py) closed by hudson
worksforme: Latest version has fixes for verbose logging errors and works for me - …
09:15 Changeset [7864] by hudson
Command line csv2sts test is always run in the correct folder.
08:53 Changeset [7863] by hudson
Fixed Windows test fail.


16:50 Changeset [7862] by hudson
Fixed bug with incorrect float format for sww file.


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18:05 Changeset [7861] by hudson
Fixed AABB parameter passing bug.
17:49 Changeset [7860] by steve
Continuing to numpy the for loops
17:41 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson
17:21 Changeset [7859] by hudson
Cleaned up some code.
16:43 Changeset [7858] by hudson
Refactorings to increase code quality, fixed missing log import from …
11:26 Changeset [7857] by steve
adding a few run examples
11:25 Changeset [7856] by steve
Renaming to have sww prefix


17:34 Changeset [7855] by steve
Changing for loop to numpy.where
17:17 Ticket #291 (Update ANUGA user manual to include Excel plotting) closed by hudson
fixed: A guide has been added to the Wiki here: …
17:13 AnugaExportCsv edited by hudson
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Added images. (diff)
16:57 csv_5.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 6
16:56 csv_4.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 5
16:56 csv_3.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 4
16:56 csv_2.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 3
16:55 csv_1.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 2
16:55 csv_0.png attached to AnugaExportCsv by hudson
Step 1
16:55 AnugaExportCsv created by hudson
Added text body to page.
16:48 Changeset [7854] by hudson
Fixed Windows Interpolate nonexistent verbose flag.
15:31 WikiStart edited by hudson
14:03 Ticket #351 (New tool: csv2sts) closed by hudson
fixed: I've written a module called csv2sts.py, which can be used either as a …
14:00 Changeset [7853] by hudson
Added csv2sts tool.


17:30 Changeset [7852] by steve
Moving calculation of limiters to numpy calculations
17:06 Changeset [7851] by habili
import logging as log
15:00 Changeset [7850] by steve
Changed name of generic folder
14:53 Changeset [7849] by steve
Just testing svn editor
14:50 Changeset [7848] by steve
Changed the logging levels in log.py so that the information about …
13:52 Ticket #18 (checkpointing) closed by hudson
fixed: Instructions for doing this are now on the ANUGA wiki.
12:22 Changeset [7847] by hudson
Added correct module imports for unit tests.
08:23 Changeset [7846] by hudson
Fixed failing validations


22:59 Changeset [7845] by steve
22:47 Changeset [7844] by steve
Getting rid of warning messages from test_all.py
17:53 Changeset [7843] by hudson
Added user manual to svn.
17:34 Changeset [7842] by steve
Adding in a few new files
17:19 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson
17:02 Ticket #327 (Export of results needs to be faster) closed by hudson
fixed: Verified optimisations on Cairns example fitting on XP, Python 2.5: ANUGA …
12:06 Changeset [7841] by hudson
Refactorings to allow tests to pass.
09:38 AnugaCheckpoints created by hudson
09:33 Changeset [7840] by steve
anuga_1d passing all unit tests
09:32 WikiStart edited by hudson
09:29 Ticket #178 (Time to load and fit mesh file (domain.set_quantity) is the slowest part ...) closed by hudson
fixed: Please retest with ANUGA 1.2 - there should be a ~30% speed increase in …
09:23 Ticket #114 (Join together output sww files from parallel ANUGA code) closed by hudson
fixed: There is a new function, sww_merge: see instructions on Wiki.
09:22 Ticket #308 (ANUGA high level API) closed by hudson
fixed: API changes completed - simpler public API through using init files.
09:19 Changeset [7839] by steve
Changing name of 1d projects so that it will be easy to moveto the trunk
09:11 Changeset [7838] by hudson
Got all demos running with new API.
00:41 Changeset [7837] by mungkasi
Again, adding some codes for 1d problems on debris avalanche and periodic …
00:34 Changeset [7836] by mungkasi
Adding some codes for 1d problems on debris avalanche and periodic waves.


21:50 Changeset [7835] by steve
21:45 Changeset [7834] by steve
21:33 Changeset [7833] by steve
21:28 Changeset [7832] by steve
21:25 Changeset [7831] by steve
20:56 Changeset [7830] by steve
Moving channel code to numpy
20:08 Changeset [7829] by steve
Adding extended sww domain
20:00 Changeset [7828] by hudson
Updated user manual to version 1.2 - did spell check.
17:36 Changeset [7827] by steve
Putting 1d stuff in one folder


19:58 Changeset [7826] by steve
19:46 Changeset [7825] by steve
anuga_1d works with numeric on 64bit machine
19:45 Changeset [7824] by steve
test_sww_vel_domain is nowworking with numpy
18:14 Changeset [7823] by steve
Adding old files as well as workinng files from anuga_1d
14:04 Ticket #351 (New tool: csv2sts) created by horspool
It would be great to have a tool that converted a time series in csv …
13:53 Ticket #350 (Error with log.critical in runcairns.py) created by horspool
After installing the current version of ANUGA on a colleagues windows …
11:56 Changeset [7822] by hudson
Improved docs for sww_merge.
11:45 Changeset [7821] by hudson
Removed temp files from unit test.
11:42 Changeset [7820] by hudson
Added unit test for sww_merge.
10:59 Changeset [7819] by hudson
Semi-working code for SWW merge util.
10:27 Changeset [7818] by steve
working test_quantity


17:33 Changeset [7817] by hudson
Added sww_merge utility module for merging sww files into one.
09:29 Changeset [7816] by hudson
buildings demo added


17:34 Changeset [7815] by steve
Almost got the unit test working for 1d quantity
15:48 WikiStart edited by hudson
15:45 InternalBoundaries edited by hudson
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15:40 Screenshot.png attached to InternalBoundaries by hudson
Screenshot of internal boundary demo.
15:40 InternalBoundaries created by hudson
15:38 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson
15:34 Ticket #87 (Refactor dem2pts) closed by hudson
fixed: Done - 1-line fix to the new dem2pts.
12:32 Ticket #341 (Better project/setup_model interface for users) closed by hudson
fixed: Fixed in rev:7814. File extensions are enforced, and naming conventions …
12:28 Changeset [7814] by hudson
New filename conventions for file conversion. Filenames must always be …
12:16 Changeset [7813] by hudson
Benchmark uses new filename convetions for file conversion.
09:42 Changeset [7812] by steve
Added file directory in thecompile_all.py file in anuga_core
08:45 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson


21:44 Changeset [7811] by steve
14:41 Ticket #348 (Verify that psyco is being used to optimal advantage in ANUGA) closed by hudson
fixed: I removed the selective psyco optimisations and just used the most …
14:31 Changeset [7810] by hudson
Added aggressive psyco optimisation, fixed benchmark app to work with new …
11:39 Changeset [7809] by hudson
Updated copyright notice.
10:47 Changeset [7808] by hudson
Examples work with new API.
09:48 Changeset [7807] by hudson
Cairns demo works with new API.
08:33 Changeset [7806] by hudson
Channel examples run with new API.


17:06 Changeset [7805] by hudson
Fixed failing tests - all tests now pass.
16:19 Changeset [7804] by hudson
Fixed up failing tests, updated user guide with new API (first few …
16:15 Ticket #234 (using holes when creating a mesh does not work with fitting) closed by hudson
fixed: Points that fall within a hole are no longer used in fitting - they are …
15:30 Changeset [7803] by hudson
15:28 Changeset [7802] by hudson
Added James' laptop to profiling benchmark.
14:47 Changeset [7801] by hudson
Cairns demo uses new API.
13:10 Ticket #349 (add hole_tags to add_hole_from_polygon) closed by hudson
13:04 Changeset [7800] by hudson
urs2sww has an extra urs_ungridded2sww function.
12:37 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson
11:41 Changeset [7799] by habili
changed the order of assigning "no values" to stage, current_x and …
11:38 Changeset [7798] by hudson
Tests runs with new API.
10:31 AnugaWhatsNew edited by hudson
10:29 Changeset [7797] by hudson
Removed redundant interface module.
10:22 Changeset [7796] by hudson
ANUGA core modified to fix errors with new API modules not being found.
10:19 Changeset [7795] by hudson
Adapted validation tests to use new API.
09:38 Changeset [7794] by sexton
updates to bunbury scripts


22:48 Changeset [7793] by steve
Setting up test function for Quantity
11:35 Changeset [7792] by steve
fiwed path for compile_all.py
11:32 Changeset [7791] by steve
Added some documentation
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