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17:02 Ticket #367 (validate_all.py failing) closed by gray
fixed: The relative tolerance check in Ted Rigby's tests were relaxed and they …
16:54 Ticket #366 (test_all failing) closed by gray
fixed: I didn't get any error's in the anuga tests when doing; […] The …


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17:45 Changeset [8445] by steve
17:42 Changeset [8444] by steve
Get rid of get_parameters.tex
09:30 Changeset [8443] by steve
Added sh get_module to Makefile for pymetis


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16:36 Ticket #368 (ANUGA parallel leaking along domain portion edges) created by martins
When I run a simulation using multiple processors I get this effect along …
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21:18 Changeset [8442] by steve
Adding parameters to report
20:05 Changeset [8441] by steve
Add in tex file with current parameters
17:38 Changeset [8440] by steve
Commiting validation files
16:55 Changeset [8439] by gray
Fix so produce_results keeps on working if it can not delete a .svn …
15:33 Changeset [8438] by gray
Relaxing the relaivie tolerence from 1% to 2% so the tests pass. This …


17:08 Ticket #367 (validate_all.py failing) created by gray
15:57 Ticket #365 (validation tests failing) closed by gray
fixed: validate_all.py was running python2.5. python2.5 on rhe-compute1 is …


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13:25 Changeset [8437] by steve
Added produce_results.py which goes through all the test directoriesand …
13:24 Changeset [8436] by steve
Made achange to sparse_ext.c as there was a memory leak.


17:26 Changeset [8435] by steve
Made a few changes to the automated validation tests.
17:06 Changeset [8434] by davies
Adding shallow steep slope validation case
16:20 Changeset [8433] by davies
Cleaning validation
16:08 Changeset [8432] by davies
Adding readme.txt and run_wave case to validation
14:21 Ticket #366 (test_all failing) created by gray
After doing an update and a compile I get the following with running anuga …
12:54 Changeset [8431] by davies
Adding wave propagation val case
12:29 Changeset [8430] by davies
Edits to validation doc
12:10 Changeset [8429] by davies
Adding the parabolic case to the validations
12:06 Ticket #365 (validation tests failing) created by gray
I ran the validation tests; […] After doing a compile and update. …


21:42 Changeset [8428] by davies
Adding discharge info to channel test
21:22 Changeset [8427] by davies
Adding the trapezoidal channel validation test, and editing the ANUGA …


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22:08 Changeset [8426] by steve
Added test_parallel_shallow_water.py test
21:59 Changeset [8425] by steve
Have a working test_parallel_frac_op unittest
19:30 Changeset [8424] by steve
fixed simple error
19:28 Changeset [8423] by steve
import unittest
19:27 Changeset [8422] by steve
path problem
19:25 Changeset [8421] by steve
Making into a unit test
19:06 Changeset [8420] by steve
Changed parallel_safe to parallel_safe because it seems that inheriting …
18:25 Changeset [8419] by steve
Getting parallel_safe to work
17:29 Changeset [8418] by steve
Strange proble with parallel_safe
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