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12:42 InstallViewer edited by steve


12:11 Changeset [9718] by steve
remove directory in towradgi folder
12:06 Changeset [9717] by steve
Fixed up a few html links to git repo


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07:12 Changeset [9716] by steve
Small change to setup.py so that pyproj is not a dependency for pip …
00:35 Changeset [9715] by davies
Fixing a (rare) mass conservation issue in riverwalls + general cleanup


19:10 Changeset [9714] by steve
changed extension include files to relative address
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07:52 Changeset [9713] by steve
Added a few badges to README.rst


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17:24 Changeset [9712] by steve
Error in comparison in travis.yml
16:47 InstallUbuntuSvn edited by steve
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16:36 Changeset [9711] by steve
Missed a " in travis.yml
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16:12 Changeset [9710] by steve
Setting up install scripts


10:17 Changeset [9709] by steve
trying to make the errors cleaner in parallel tests


16:58 Changeset [9708] by steve
added a verbose version of test_parallel_boyd_box_operator.py


17:28 Changeset [9707] by steve
Playing around wiht parallel tests


10:46 Changeset [9706] by steve
Set default = 0.0 for rate_operator
10:17 Changeset [9705] by steve
Allow inlet_operators to run beyond time defined by file function


17:21 Changeset [9704] by steve
Just test build two options
17:18 Changeset [9703] by steve
Added in a coveralls badge


21:25 Changeset [9702] by steve
Added fit_to_mesh_file to init


21:49 Changeset [9701] by steve
Updating get_revision_number


14:31 Changeset [9700] by steve
Removed some more unneeded files from pmesh
14:29 Changeset [9699] by steve
Removed run_setup as it is very old and is only for wrapping up windows …


14:38 Changeset [9698] by steve
Thought about it again and have decided to remove revision.py from …
14:37 Changeset [9697] by steve
adding fiules to deal with revision numbers


17:28 Changeset [9696] by steve
Got rid of a few depreciatoin warnings
16:55 Changeset [9695] by steve
Changed to subprocess to run mpirun command
16:12 Changeset [9694] by steve
Added some print statement to track down openmpi error
15:59 Changeset [9693] by steve
Cleaned up warning simple filter to fix error on warning in test_all.py
10:01 Changeset [9692] by steve
Remove version.py.in Version set in the anuga init.py file
09:50 Changeset [9691] by davies
Another fix
09:32 Changeset [9690] by davies
Fixing some issues in plot_utils.plot_triangles


23:06 Changeset [9689] by steve
Setup install script for manual install
18:14 Changeset [9688] by steve
Make the ubuntu install default for install_packages
14:20 Changeset [9687] by steve
Updaed INSTALL readme
00:34 Changeset [9686] by steve
Small change to installation readme


23:58 Changeset [9685] by steve
changed name of package install script
23:54 Changeset [9684] by steve
Setup install.sh so that it can be used manually and via travis ci
19:48 Changeset [9683] by steve
Setting up a script to install needed packages
14:01 Changeset [9682] by davies
Recording yieldstep average abs discharge in structures
09:21 Changeset [9681] by davies
Major changes + bugfix for internal_boundary_operator and related
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