Time frame



Location of source and other project management tools

The source code is located in the subversion repository  https://datamining.anu.edu.au/svn/ga The root of this tree when checked out is referred to as <ANUGAROOT>


  • Coding is done in accordance with the styleguides available in <ANUGAROOT>/documentation/ within the revision control repository.
  • Every Python module shall have a test suite named test_<module name>.py providing unit tests for as much of the functionality as practical

Simulation Guidelines

  • Don't check simulation data into the repository.
  • Check the code to run a simulation into the <ANUGAROOT>/production
  • Set up the environment variable INUNDATIONHOME to point to the directory when the simuation data directory will be. (see example <ANUGAROOT>/production/gippsland_2005)