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Welcome to the ANUGA Open Source Hydrodynamic / Hydraulic Modelling Project

Reecommended Download and Installation of ANUGA

Download and Install ANUGA_PARALLEL

We are only supporting the parallel version of anuga on Linux.


For windows the version on sourceforge seems to still work fine. Here is the link:

For Linux we recommend installation from source:


ANUGA is a Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) package capable of modelling the impact of hydrological disasters such as dam breaks, riverine flooding, storm-surge or tsunamis.

ANUGA is based on the Shallow Water Wave Equation discretised to unstructured triangular meshes using a finite-volumes numerical scheme. A major capability of ANUGA is that it can model the process of wetting and drying as water enters and leaves an area. This means that it is suitable for simulating water flow onto a beach or dry land and around structures such as buildings. ANUGA is also capable of modelling difficult flows involving shock waves and rapidly changing flow speed regimes (transitions from sub critical to super critical flows).

ANUGA is developed by the Australian National University (ANU) and Geoscience Australia (GA) - hence the name. See also  ANUGA flyer.


Talk given at OSDC2011 on ANUGA by Stephen Roberts  YouTube Video
ANUGA version 1.2.1 is now available. This is a minor release and includes a number of bug fixes
New collaborative agreement signed between the ANU and GA for the further development of ANUGA - September 2010.  Detail
Environment Agency 2010 report: 'Benchmarking of 2D Hydraulic Modelling Packages'.  2DModelBenchmarking
How to export .csv files as graphs using OpenOffice (or Excel). AnugaExportCsv
How to set checkpoints in ANUGA execution to back up the current state in long runs. AnugaCheckpoints
A review of the internal boundaries functionality available in ANUGA 1.2. InternalBoundaries
ANUGA is now on Wikipedia - please contribute as appropriate  ANUGA Hydro
New report: Investing in the Development of a Two-Dimensional Flood Modelling Capability  Report
An updated viewer is complete and is included in the Windows installer. Feedback is encouraged.  viewer TRAC site (Login as anonymous with blank pw)
ANUGA was featured on the ABC program The New Inventors episode 19 on the 10th of June 2009 NewInventors
Work in regard to a graphical user interface is ongoing.  GAI


ANUGA user manual anuga_user_manual-1.2.1.pdf
ANUGA installation guide anuga_installation_guide-1.2.1.pdf
Installing Anuga_parallel AnugaParallel
ANUGA release notes anuga_whats_new-1.2.1.pdf
ANUGA 1.2 deprecated functionality and new featuresAnugaWhatsNew
Publications related to ANUGA ANUGA Publications
ANUGA Workshops ANUGA Workshops
Management and Planning WorkPages
Internal Architecture Internal Architecture
Guidelines for installing ANUGA with numpy Installation guidelines
ANUGA coding style guide Style Guide

ANUGA user mailing list and FAQ - where to get help

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
Software Repository (Subversion) - to always access the latest version (Login as anonymous with blank pw)
ANUGA software download at  SourceForge (Since Dec 2006)
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