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1The jurisdiction directories here contain the data that will go
2onto the DVDs.
4For example, under the 'Hobart' subdirectory is the filesystem
5that will exist in the root directory of the created Hobart DVD.
7Other files/directories at the top level are used to build the
8four jurisdiction DVD directories:
9. BatemansBay
10. Gosford
11. GoldCoast
12. Hobart
14Use the '' program to refresh everything under
15the <jurisdiction> directory.
17If you edit anything in the jurisdiction directories (Hobart, etc),
18you WILL LOSE DATA, as everything in those directories comes from
19somewhere else.
21When you run ' <jurisdiction>', the following happens:
221. The <jurisdiction> directory is deleted.
232. Selected files are copied from the jurisdiction working directory into
24   a new DVD jurisdiction directory.
253. All files/directories under the 'extra_files' directory are copied to the
26   new DVD jurisdiction directory, unless it's a directory and it has a
27   jurisdiction name.
284. Any directory under 'extra_files' that has a jurisdiction name is copied
29   to the root of the DVD jurisdiction directory *if* the jursidiction
30   name matches the name of the directory.  Note that this includes a jurisdiction
31   'project' directory containing modified versions of, etc, that
32   must be changed on the DVD.
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