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18        <H1>Tsunami Inundation Models for south east Tasmania</H1>
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24  <a name="introduction"><h3><b>Introduction</b></h3></a>
25  The information within this DVD is intended to assist emergency managers in tsunami planning and preparation
26  activities. The Australian Government Attorney General’s Department (AGD) has supported Geoscience Australia (GA) in developing a
27  range of products to support the understanding of tsunami hazard through the Australian Tsunami Warning System Project. The work
28  reported here is intended to further build the capacity of the Tasmanian State Government in developing inundation models for
29  prioritised locations.
30  <p>
31  While the associated report provides background, model results and interpretations, the DVD contains all data, scripts and
32  instructions for installing software necessary to reproduce and potentially augment the models underpinning the report. This will allow Tasmanian State Government
33  to rerun the models with minor modifications or new elevation data as needed and also potentially replicate the methodology
34  for other locations within the model extent, if desired.
35  <p>
36  The data provided on this DVD is:
37  <ul>
38    <li> The Professional Opinion Report 2009/07 entitled <blink><i><a href="documents/professionalopinion_2009_07_TAS_inundation_modelling.pdf">Capacity building for tsunami planning and preparation:
39         inundation models for south east Tasmania</a></i></blink>
40    <li>  <a href="documents/Figures">Figures</a> of maximum inundation depth and maximum flow speed
41    <li> <a href="data/tasmania/hobart_tsunami_scenario_2009/anuga/outputs">Model outputs</a> including:
42    <ul>
43      <li>ArcGIS grids of maximum inundation depth and maximum flow speed for the areas of interest
44      <li>CSV files containing timeseries for specific locations in the models
45      <li>ArcGIS grid of the resulting elevation generated by the model software <a href="">ANUGA</a></ul>
46    <li> Combined <a href="data/tasmania/hobart_tsunami_scenario_2009/anuga/topographies">elevation data</a> used by the simulation
48    <li> The <a href="project">Python scripts</a> used to run the models
49  </ul>
50  <p>
51  The input tsunami wave data on this disk are all derived from events available in the Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment (PTHA) for Australia. As this dataset is very large, this DVD only contains the events
52  described in the report.
54  <a name="requirements"><h3><b>Report Figures</b></h3></a>
56  The figures from the report may be found <a href="documents/Figures">here</a>.
58  <a name="installation"><h3><b>Simulation Installation and Usage</b></h3></a>
60  Information for installing and using the simulation is <a href="installation.html">here</a>.
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