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updated licence files for tsunami okada testing

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
4  <metadata>
5    <author>Herve Damlamian</author>
6  </metadata>
8  <datafile>
9    <filename>fullokada_SP.txt</filename>
10    <checksum>-899887719</checksum>
11    <publishable>Yes</publishable>
12    <accountable>Jane Sexton</accountable>
13    <source>OOutput from fortran code (okada.f) supplied through the publication:
14    Computation of deformation induced by earthquakes in a multi-layered elastic crust -
15    FORTRAN programs EDGRN/EDCMP by Rongjiang Wang, Francisco Lorenzo Martin and Frank Roth,
16    in Computers and Geosciences, volume 29, 195-207, 2003. The fortran code is available
17    from Code run with parameters in
18 in the single point mode. Hence file naming of _SP.</source>
19    <IP_owner>SOPAC and Geoscience Australia.  </IP_owner>
20    <IP_info>Based on freely available fortran code available at
22  </datafile>
24  </ga_license_file>
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