source: anuga_validation/automated_validation_tests/urs_mux_files_validation/gauges.lic @ 7276

Last change on this file since 7276 was 7276, checked in by ole, 15 years ago

Merged numpy branch back into the trunk.

In ~/sandpit/anuga/anuga_core/source
svn merge -r 6246:HEAD ../../branches/numpy .

In ~/sandpit/anuga/anuga_validation
svn merge -r 6417:HEAD ../branches/numpy_anuga_validation .

In ~/sandpit/anuga/misc
svn merge -r 6809:HEAD ../branches/numpy_misc .

For all merges, I used numpy version where conflicts existed

The suites (in source/anuga) and passed using Python2.5 with numpy on my Ubuntu Linux box.

File size: 507 bytes
1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>
3    <metadata>
4      <author>Duncan Gray</author>
5    </metadata>
6    <datafile>
7      <filename>gauges.txt</filename>
8      <checksum>152406866</checksum>
9      <publishable>Yes</publishable>
10      <accountable>Duncan Gray</accountable>
11      <source>Generated by ANUGA development team</source>
12      <IP_owner>Geoscience Australia</IP_owner>
13      <IP_info>For use with URS mux files validation</IP_info>
14    </datafile>
16  </ga_license_file>
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