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Merged numpy branch back into the trunk.

In ~/sandpit/anuga/anuga_core/source
svn merge -r 6246:HEAD ../../branches/numpy .

In ~/sandpit/anuga/anuga_validation
svn merge -r 6417:HEAD ../branches/numpy_anuga_validation .

In ~/sandpit/anuga/misc
svn merge -r 6809:HEAD ../branches/numpy_misc .

For all merges, I used numpy version where conflicts existed

The suites (in source/anuga) and passed using Python2.5 with numpy on my Ubuntu Linux box.

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4# Module imports
5#from anuga.shallow_water import Domain
6#from anuga.shallow_water import Reflective_boundary
7#from anuga.shallow_water import Transmissive_Momentum_Set_Stage_boundary
8#from anuga.shallow_water import Dirichlet_boundary, Time_boundary
9#from anuga.shallow_water.data_manager import get_maximum_inundation_data, start_screen_catcher, copy_code_files
10from anuga.abstract_2d_finite_volumes.util import file_function, sww2csv_gauges,csv2timeseries_graphs
11#from anuga.pmesh.mesh_interface import create_mesh_from_regions
12#from anuga.utilities.polygon import read_polygon#, plot_polygons
13#from math import cos,pi,sin,tan#,sqrt
14#from anuga.shallow_water.data_manager import csv2dict
15#from time import localtime, strftime, gmtime
16#from anuga.utilities.system_tools import get_user_name, get_host_name
17from os import sep, environ, getenv
19home = getenv('INUNDATIONHOME') + sep +'data'+sep #Sandpit's parent dir 
21anuga_dir = home+'anuga_validation'+sep+'circular_island_tsunami_benchmark'+sep+'anuga'+sep
23csv2timeseries_graphs(directories_dic={anuga_dir+sep+'boundaries'+sep:['wavetank',-1.6, 0],
24                                       anuga_dir+'outputs'+sep+'20080228_062939_res_0.005_nbartzis'+sep:['Fixed Wave',0,0]},
25                            output_dir=anuga_dir+'outputs'+sep+'20080228_062939_res_0.005_nbartzis'+sep,
26                            base_name='gauge_',
27                            plot_numbers='',
28                            quantities=['stage'],
29                            extra_plot_name='',
30                            assess_all_csv_files=True,                           
31                            create_latex=False,
32                            verbose=True)
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