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hobart testing and report making

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2The Inundation Modelling Team in
3the Risk Research Group at GA would like to thank a number of organisations and groups
4in providing input in this study;
7\item The AHO for the use of fairsheet data.
8\item The TAS DPIW in supplying the onshore 12.5m DEM and digitised state fairsheet data
9for nominated areas
10\item The National Mapping and Information Group, in particular Hamish Anderson and Alex von Brandenstein,
11for building a DEM suitable for purposes of inundation modelling
12\item The Petroleum and Marine Divison, in particular Kristy van Putten, Phil O'Brien
13and Mark Alcock, for sourcing offshore data for the regions of interest and providing
14advice on bathymetric data issues,
15and finally
16\item TAS SES, for providing strong support to the project.
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