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1% for original scenario
2%The tsunamigenic event used in this report was developed for a
3%preliminary tsunami hazard assessment study delivered by GA
4%to FESA in September 2005
5%\cite{BC:FESA}. In the assessment, a suite of Mw 9 earthquakes
6%were evenly spaced along the Sunda Arc subduction zone and there
7%was no consideration of the likelihood of each event.
8%Other less likely sources were not considered, such
9%as intra-plate earthquakes near the WA coast, volcanoes, landslides
10%or asteroids.
11%In the preliminary assessment,
12%the maximum magnitude of earthquakes off Java was considered to be
13%at least 8.5 and could potentially be as high as 9.
15%FESA is interested in the ``most frequent worst case scenario''. Whilst
16%we currently cannot determine exactly what that event may be, the Mw 9 event
17%provides a plausible worst case scenario. To understand the
18%frequency of these tsunami-genic events,
19%GA is building probabilistic
20%models to develop a more complete tsunami hazard assessment
21%for the Sunda Arc subduction zone,
22%due for completion in late 2006. In the preliminary assessment for
23%example, it was suggested that while Mw 7 and 8 earthquakes are expected
24%to occur with a greater frequency than Mw 9 events,
25%they are likely to pose a comparatively low and more localised hazard to WA.
27%Figure \ref{fig:mw9} shows the maximum wave height of a tsunami initiated
28%by a Mw 9 event off
29%the coast of Java. This event provides the source and
30%boundary condition to the
31%inundation model presented in Section \ref{sec:anuga}.
36%  \centerline{ \includegraphics[width=140mm, height=100mm]
39%  \caption{Maximum wave height (in cms) for a Mw 9 event off the
40%coast of Java}
41%  \label{fig:mw9}
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