source: branches/numpy_misc/tools @ 7245

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
acceptance_tests 7244   14 years rwilson Changes from acceptance testing on cyclone.
cmpsww 6809   15 years rwilson Updated the program in Patong beach validation.
demos 6819   15 years rwilson Convert Numeric to numpy.
dependency_graphs 6630   15 years rwilson Screwup with creating tar_file directory.
event_selection 7214   14 years rwilson Back- (and forward)-merge, Numeric to numpy.
memlog 6696   15 years rwilson Created a tool to monitor a processes' memory usage.
mk_digest 7188   14 years rwilson Minor bug fix in documentation.
plotcsv 7200   14 years rwilson Back-merge of Numeric stuff to numpy branch.
pytools 6818   15 years rwilson Numeric to numpy conversion.
tar_file 6642   15 years rwilson Minor(ish) changes to untar tool.
test_numpy_numeric 7245   14 years rwilson Changes to the compare Numeric and numpy code.
update_lic_checksum 7211   14 years rwilson Made <publishable> default to 'Y'.
write_large_files 6906   15 years rwilson Patong beach validation changes plus back-merge changes. 64 bytes 1737   18 years ole
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