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1This report is being provided to the Fire and Emergency Services Authority
2(FESA) as part of the Collaborative Research Agreement (CRA)
3with Geoscience Australia (GA).
4FESA recognises the potential vulnerability of the Western Australia
5coastline to tsunamigenic earthquakes originating from
6the Sunda Arc subduction zone that caused the December 2004 event.
7There is historic evidence of tsunami events affecting the
8Western Australia coastline, \cite{CB:ausgeo},
9and FESA has sought to assess
10the relative risk of its urban and regional communities to the tsunami
11threat and develop detailed response plans for a range of plausible events.
13This report describes the modelling methodology and first results
14for a particular tsunami-genic event as it impacts the Onslow township
15and its surrounds. Future studies
16will present a series of scenarios for a range of return periods to
17assist FESA in developing appropriate plans for a range of event impacts.
18This report and the decision support tool are the
19June 2006 deliverables of the Collaborative Research Agreement
20between FESA and GA.
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