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[5068]1"""Audit the directories flagged for released
[5068]3This module forms an easy way to audit data files in the repository without
4running create_distribution.
[5068]6The benefit is that license files can be tested before being checked in.
[5068]8Note: This script will work on all data whether it is part of the
9repository or not. Before creating a license file for a data file it is a good idea to see if it is part of the repository or not (in which case there is no need). This can be done using svn status or by deleting the offending area and do a fresh svn update.
[5068]11Ole Nielsen, GA 2008
[5068]15from anuga.utilities.data_audit_wrapper import IP_verified
16from os.path import join
18from dirs_to_distribute import dirmap
19#print dirmap
21for dir in dirmap:
[5027]22    if not IP_verified(dir, verbose=True):
[5040]23        pass
24        #print 'Not all files in %s have been verified.' %dir
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