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  • anuga_core/source/anuga/shallow_water/

    r4295 r4298  
    45904590            mean_stage=0,
    45914591            origin = None,
    4592             zscale=1,
    4593             fail_on_NaN=True):
    4594     """
    4595     parameters not used!
    4596     #mint=None, maxt=None,
     4592            zscale=1):
     4593    """   
     4594    Convert URS C binary format for wave propagation to
     4595    sww format native to abstract_2d_finite_volumes.
     4597    Specify only basename_in and read files of the form
     4598    basefilename-z-mux, basefilename-e-mux and basefilename-n-mux containing
     4599    relative height, x-velocity and y-velocity, respectively.
     4601    Also convert latitude and longitude to UTM. All coordinates are
     4602    assumed to be given in the GDA94 datum. The latitude and longitude
     4603    information is assumed ungridded grid.
     4605    min's and max's: If omitted - full extend is used.
     4606    To include a value min ans max may equal it.
     4607    Lat and lon are assumed to be in decimal degrees.
     4609    origin is a 3-tuple with geo referenced
     4610    UTM coordinates (zone, easting, northing)
     4611    It will be the origin of the sww file. This shouldn't be used,
     4612    since all of anuga should be able to handle an arbitary origin.
     4615    URS C binary format has data orgainised as TIME, LONGITUDE, LATITUDE
     4616    which means that latitude is the fastest
     4617    varying dimension (row major order, so to speak)
     4619    In URS C binary the latitudes and longitudes are in assending order.
    45974620    """
    45984621    from anuga.pmesh.mesh import Mesh
    46084631        mux[quantity] = Urs_points(file)
    4610     # FIXME: check that the depth is the same. (hashing)
     4633    # Could check that the depth is the same. (hashing)
    46124635    # handle to a mux file to do depth stuff
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