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    144144The domain was discretised into approximately ...,000 triangles. The resolution of the grid was increased in certain regions to efficiently increase the accuracy of the simulation. The grid resolution ranged between a maximum triangle area of $...\times 10^5$ m$^2$ near the Western ocean boundary to $...$ m$^2$ in the small regions surrounding the inundation region in Patong Bay. Due to a lack of available data, friction was set to a constant througout the computational domain. A Manning's coefficient of 0.01 was chosen based upon previous numerical experiments conducted by the authors (FIXME: Citation Tom Baldock?? Or Duncan??).
     145In \cite{Schoettle2007} values of Manning's coefficient in the range 0.007 to 0.030 is suggested for tsunami propagation over a sandy sea floor.
    146147The boundary condition at each side of the domain towards the south and the north where no data was available was chosen as a transmissive boundary condition effectively replicating the time dependent wave height present just inside the computational domain. Momentum was set to zero. Other choices include applying the mean tide value as a Dirichlet type boundary condition but experiments as well as the result of the verification reported here showed that this approach tends to under estimate the tsunami impact due to the tempering of the wave near the side boundaries. FIXME(OLE): Should we include Nick's test example?
    392393Satake, K. (1995). Linear and nonlinear computations of the 1992 Nicaragua earthquake tsunami. Pure and Applied Geophysics, {\bf 144(3)}, 455-470.
     397Schoettle E., and Sakimoto S. (2007), Modeling the Effects of Coral Reef Health on Tsunami Run-up
     398with the Finite-element Model ADCIRC, \url{}.
    394401Synolakis, C., E. Okal, and E. Bernard (2005), The megatsunami of December 26 2004, {\em The Bridge, National Academy of Engineering Publications}, {\bf 35(2)}, 36-35.
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