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    1414%Draft date
    15 \date{\today}                   % update before release!
     15\date{\today}   % update before release!
    1616                % Use an explicit date so that reformatting
    1717                % doesn't cause a new date to be used.  Setting
    8383\section{Bleeding Edge}
     86  \item Several optimisations. ANUGA now runs at least 10-15\% faster overall. See changesets 7143, 7136, 7105, 7034, 6840, 6737, 6703.
     87  \item Culverts based on the Boyd method have been refactored and test suite added thanks to Rudy van Drie and Petar Milevski.
     88  \item Added a special purpose boundary (AWI boundary) provide by Nils Goseberg.
     89  \item Cleanup Cairns demo and introduced example of new method add\_quantity.
    8694\section{Release Name: anuga-1.0beta\_6838, Date: 19 April 2009}
    105113  \item Implemented tracking of IP for data files bundled with ANUGA to ensure that all are legally OK to distribute.
    106114  \item Improved logging of model runs (screen_catcher and copy_code_files).
    107   \item Refactored graphing of timeseries into extraction and plotting (see sww2timeseries and sww2cvs_gauges).
     115  \item Refactored graphing of timeseries into extraction and plotting (see sww2timeseries and sww2cvs\_gauges).
    108116  \item Improved performance and memory management in generate mesh and  least squares fitting.
    109117  \item Simplified Quantity data structure.
    112120  \item Implemented better second order approximation through the option to use edge limiters along with second order Runge-Kutta timestepping.
    113121        This provides better accuracy in some cases (e.g. waves in deep water over long distances)
    114   \item Made tight_slope_limiters the default.
     122  \item Made tight\_slope\_limiters the default.
    115123  \item Retired obsolete parameter beta_h
    116124  \item Added the Okada tsunami source model as an optional initial condition in ANUGA
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