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What's New in ANUGA v1.2

Here are some new features from the upcoming release:

Easy Imports

Instead of typing this at the start of every scenario:

from anuga.shallow_water.boundaries import Reflective_boundary,\
# Shallow water domain is the standard
from anuga.shallow_water.shallow_water_domain import Domain

You can automatically import the shallow water domain and all the commonly used boundaries using this single line:

from anuga import *

You can also import common file conversion routines like so:

from anuga.file_conversion import *

See the documentation for the list of functions and classes that are made available for import.

Deprecated Functionality Removed in ANUGA v1.2

Some old functionality has been removed from ANUGA in version 1.2. Please contact the ANUGA team if you have any issues migrating your code to the new version.

start_screen_catcher This class was not being used, and the effect can easily be reproduced through the OS using > and 2> piping.
copy_code_files Moved from abstract_2d_finite_volumes.util to utilities.file_utils as it was a generic function
csv2dict Renamed to load_csv_as_dict: foo2bar is used for file-to-file conversions.
asc_csiro2sww Renamed to esri2sww.
hecras_cross_sections2pts renamed to sdf2pts.
data_manager_joaquims_patch old, redundant code that was not being used anywhere - has been removed.
sww2domain Renamed to load_sww_as_domain to fit in with new naming convention.
urs_ungridded2sww Renamed to urs2sww to fit in with new naming convention.