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Settle dataflows and formats (pts, dem, msh, sww, etc) (Ole)

finaltime to be renamed duration

Making methods private, using _private or write the API in a separate module.

Introduce create_quantity in (Ole)

It will make a new named instance and populate it by calling set_quantity if desired. Create_quantity would be called automatically by shallow_water.

Make stage appear as any other quantity: Either

1: Make stage a subclass of quantity having knowledge of elevation and a special

limiter (or more limiters)


2: Equip each quantity with a limiter class

(Con: A limiter for stage should never be applied to any other quantity)

Also, investigate if Quantity and Conserved_quantity should be one class (Steve).

Finally, reconcile the optimised gradient limiter of Matt's with the more general framework (see wiki:NumericalIssues)

Boundary (Dirichlet): Think about specifying values by quantity name (and having defaults)

Dirichlet(stage = 1.0, ymomentum = 0.2)

Finish MOST2SWW with bathymetry as one script

Make Steve's new boundary spatially dependent (Ole)

Look at matplotlib's verbosity object. It looks great.