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ANUGA Special Interest Group (ASIG)

The ASIG meetings will be held regularly for people who work with the ANUGA hydrodynamic model to

  • Share experiences and tips
  • Help answering common questions
  • Develop effective and standardised ways of setting up simulations
  • Identify and prioritise areas for further development
  • Coordinate various development efforts

The ASIG would also feed material back into

  • The Source forge anuga-user mailing list
  • The ANUGA manual and Frequently Asked Questions
  • New supporting documents for ANUGA users

The September workshop will mark the inauguration of the ASIG.

Expression of Interest

Ole Nielsen [Ole.Nielsen@…]
William Power [W.Power@…]
Ted Rigby [Ted.Rigby@…]
Jane Sexton [Jane.Sexton@…]
Petar Milevski [PMilevski@…]
Rudy VanDrie [rudy@…]
Jonathan Griffin [Jonathan.Griffin@…]
Nils Goseberg [Goseberg@…]
John Murtagh [John.Murtagh@…]