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Boundary Conditions

How do I create a Dirichlet boundary condition?

A Dirichlet boundary condition sets a constant value for the conserved quantities at the boundaries. A list containing the constant values for stage, xmomentum and ymomentum is constructed and used in the function call, e.g. Dirichlet_boundary([0.2,0.,0.]).

How do I know which boundary tags are available?

The method domain.get_boundary_tags() will return a list of available tags for use with domain.set_boundary_condition().

What is the difference between file_boundary and field_boundary?

The only difference is field_boundary will allow you to change the level of the stage height when you read in the boundary condition. This is very useful when running different tide heights in the same area as you need only to convert one boundary condition to a SWW file, ideally for tide height of 0m (saving disk space). Then you can use field_boundary to read this SWW file and change the stage height (tide) on the fly depending on the scenario.