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Class Point

Defined in file coordinate_transforms/


The Point class defines a point on the geode surface in terms of latitude and longitude.

Point Attributes

degrees2radians Internal constant used to convert degrees to radians.
R Internal constant holding radius of the Earth in metres.
latitude The latitude of the Point.
longitude The longitude of the Point.
coslat Cosine of the Point's latitude.
coslon Cosine of the Point's longitude.
sinlat Sine of the Point's latitude.
sinlon Sine of the Point's longitude.

Point Methods

BearingTo(self, P) Returns the bearing in degrees from self to P.
DistanceTo(self, P) Returns the distance from self to P in metres.
Dist(self, P) Return a cheap and cheerful approximation of the distance from self to P. Roughly the degress seperation.
GCA(self, P) Returns the great circle angle between self and P.
AZ(self, P) Returns the azimuth bearing from self to P.


This class is defined on the 'old' way. Needs to be changed to the new method before moving to python 2.6.

Internal Documentation/Classes