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Ubuntu 8.10 - 64 bit install

This is the process to install a numpy ANUGA onto a 32 bit Ubuntu 8.10 system. The procedure to install onto a later Ubuntu system should be similar.

Using the Ubuntu Synaptic package manager, install the following packages:


Of course, if you prefer using the console, you could do:

sudo install subversion

and so on.

You need to specify a special flag for source package builds:

export CFLAGS=-fPIC

Note: you must execute the above console command in any terminal in which you do the NetCDF and ScientificPython source builds (below).

Next, you need to install NetCDF 4.0.1 from the source package:

tar xzf netcdf.tar.gz
cd netcdf-4.0.1
make check
sudo make install

Now install ScientificPython 2.9.0:

tar xzf ScientificPython-2.9.0.tar.gz
cd ScientificPython-2.9.0
python build --numpy
sudo python install

And finally, install matplotlib through Synaptic: