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Boundary object that allows for the 'addition' of two time series

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The development of the storm surge modelling capability will require the ability of ANUGA to take the outputs from an offshore storm surge model at the boundary (as what is done in the tsunami modelling case) and also apply a tidal forcing term.

this means that the boundary term will need to take a .sts formatted deep water storm surge output and add a tidal forcing term. It's not clear how this forcing term is applied and whether it requires an input file, or whether it can be described by a function. This may indicate that having the functionality for a file or a function to be applied during the addition would be advantageous.

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A couple of ideas:

1: We could equip Field_boundary (and File_boundary) with the option of specifying a time dependent tide to be added to the main signal. This would be fairly easy, but also very specific.

2: We could write a Boundary object as suggested by Jane that would allow the addition of an arbitrary number of time dependent functions or even addition of other Boundary objects. It would have as constructor, the boundary objects (or functions) to be added and the 'evaluate' method which takes time and boundary segment as input would then call the underlying objects in turn, add them up and return the result.

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