May 24, 2010:

5:43 PM Changeset [7743] by hudson
Removed more modules from data_handler: code to do with building …
4:34 PM Changeset [7742] by hudson
Further split up file conversion to modularise shallow_water module.
2:41 PM Changeset [7741] by mungkasi
Changing to be consistent with old anuga_1_1 code
2:07 PM Changeset [7740] by steve
Hopefully this will work for Sudi
2:05 PM Changeset [7739] by steve
Just added in hte utilities folder to get compile_all.py to work. Need …
1:57 PM Changeset [7738] by steve
Adding a directory for Sudi to work on.
1:24 PM Changeset [7737] by hudson
Various refactorings, all unit tests pass. Domain renamed to generic …
12:30 PM Changeset [7736] by hudson
Shallow water refactorings - all unit tests pass, and new file …

May 20, 2010:

12:36 PM Changeset [7735] by hudson
Split up some of the huge modules in shallow_water, fixed most of the …
11:55 AM Changeset [7734] by steve
Adding extra balanced code

May 19, 2010:

10:13 AM Changeset [7733] by hudson
Fixed unit test failures.

May 18, 2010:

3:51 PM Changeset [7732] by hudson
Added separate boundary module to shallow water.
2:54 PM Changeset [7731] by hudson
Split boundaries out of shallow_water_domain module.

May 17, 2010:

3:57 PM Changeset [7730] by hudson
Widened scope of new ANUGA API test.
12:54 PM Changeset [7729] by sexton
function to read in sts file and convert to csv file for analysis purposes
12:22 PM Ticket #348 (Verify that psyco is being used to optimal advantage in ANUGA) created by hudson
It appears that psyco optimisation has been used selectively within …

May 14, 2010:

4:03 PM Changeset [7728] by hudson
Added framework and tests for new model API.
3:06 PM Changeset [7727] by steve
Will work on new_culvert_class and test with test_new_culvert_class
2:25 PM Changeset [7726] by steve
Pulled most of the forcing term testing into test_forcing_terms.py
11:57 AM Changeset [7725] by hudson
Added test_vertex_within_hole to test fitting on a mesh with a hole.
10:58 AM Ticket #256 (Is parallel anuga working?) closed by hudson
fixed: OK, it seems to be running OK for 2 people - I'll close this task. …

May 13, 2010:

10:02 AM Changeset [7724] by hudson
Fixed broken unit test that was using nonexistent function.
9:51 AM Changeset [7723] by sexton
9:48 AM Ticket #197 (interpolate can't handle a grid where one vertex is connected to 14 ...) closed by hudson
fixed: THe new quadtree code does not place any limits on the number of …
9:42 AM Changeset [7722] by hudson
Modified test test_interpolate_one_point_many_triangles to test a …

May 12, 2010:

3:29 PM Ticket #305 (Add breaklines to high level mesh interface) closed by hudson
2:45 PM Changeset [7721] by hudson
Additional documentation.
10:13 AM Changeset [7720] by hudson
Fixed failing unit tests.

May 11, 2010:

10:42 PM Changeset [7719] by hudson
refactored mesh_quadtree to remove unneeded trilist conversion code.
8:12 PM Changeset [7718] by hudson
Tag for new quadtree complete - beginning optimisations.
4:09 PM Changeset [7717] by hudson
Fixed module names to point at new location for mesh_quadtree.
3:12 PM Changeset [7716] by hudson
Refactored MeshQuad? into a self-contained class without global elements.
1:28 PM Changeset [7715] by hudson
New MeshQuadtree? module, removed unneeded arguments from search.
11:31 AM Changeset [7714] by hudson
Minor refactorings and optimisations in quadtree search code
10:59 AM Changeset [7713] by hudson
Optimisations to tree traversal added for a 30% speed boost.

May 10, 2010:

2:50 PM Changeset [7712] by hudson
Triangles packed into quadtree in reverse order. Updated tests to pass.

May 7, 2010:

4:00 PM Changeset [7711] by hudson
Refactored geometry classes to live in their own folder.
12:25 PM Changeset [7710] by hudson
Refactored quadtree interface.

May 5, 2010:

6:06 PM Changeset [7709] by hudson
Fixed rounding errors which were causing failing unit tests.
4:13 PM Changeset [7708] by hudson
Modified benchmark to give profiling info.
4:06 PM Changeset [7707] by hudson
New quadtree implementation - unoptimised and no tree balancing. A …

May 4, 2010:

2:35 PM Changeset [7706] by steve
Created new file to work on culverts with changing timestep

Apr 30, 2010:

8:57 PM Changeset [7705] by steve
Ran into a problem with metis with a conflict with the naming of a …
5:11 PM Changeset [7704] by steve
Changed import of boundary conditions

Apr 29, 2010:

6:23 PM Changeset [7703] by hudson
Refactored quad.py to remove unused methods and duplicated code.
3:50 PM Changeset [7702] by steve
Using small file
3:14 PM Changeset [7701] by hudson
Fixed crash bug if triangles not in numeric form.
11:11 AM Changeset [7700] by hudson
Ticket 327 - marginal 5% speed increase by removing is_inside_triangle …

Apr 28, 2010:

5:32 PM Changeset [7699] by hudson
Added breaklines to high level interface for task 305.
1:54 PM Ticket #343 (Turn Patong validation into a proper unit test) closed by ole
9:36 AM Changeset [7698] by hudson
Added profiling info to benchmark.

Apr 27, 2010:

7:27 PM Changeset [7697] by hudson
Added benchmark for testing sww2dem speed.
6:12 PM Changeset [7696] by hudson
Removed non-functioning and outdated sww2dem benchmark.
2:04 PM Ticket #292 (sww2csv_gauges needs to ignore gauges that are not in the domain) closed by hudson

Apr 25, 2010:

6:34 PM monai-simulation-overhead-slow.avi attached to WikiStart by steve
Okushiri simulation (from overhead) showing large runup
6:27 PM monai-sideview-short.avi attached to WikiStart by steve
Okushiri simulation (from the side) showing large runup (15MB)
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