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Parallelisation (First cut is done)

Edgefluxes are currently computed twice (f01 = -f10) (This was fixed by Matt Hardy in June 2005 - see Changeset:1508)

Increase Timesteps (Implicit techniques?)

Optimise creation and importing of domains (C-code and caching) (Caching was incorporated by Ole 24 August 2005 - see Changeset:1753)

Caching needs optional arguments: bypass_args and bypass_kwargs. These should be passed onto the function when it is evaluated but not participate in the hashing. Rationale: Some arguments such as classes change their signature at every run and thus cause the functin to be evaluated every time, defeating the purpose of caching. See Ticket ??

NetCDF can't deal with files > 2GB except on cyclone. It is possible to write netCDF files that exceed 2 GiByte? on platforms that have "Large File Support" (LFS). Such files are platform-independent to other LFS platforms, but trying to open them on an older platform without LFS yields a "file too large" error.