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Parallelisation (First cut is done)

Edgefluxes are currently computed twice (f01 = -f10) (This was fixed by Matt Hardy in June 2005 - see changeset:1508)

Increase Timesteps (Implicit techniques?)

Optimise creation and importing of domains (C-code and caching) (Caching was incorporated by Ole 24 August 2005 - see changeset:1753)

Caching needs optional arguments: bypass_args and bypass_kwargs. These should be passed onto the function when it is evaluated but not participate in the hashing. Rationale: Some arguments such as classes change their signature at every run and thus cause the functin to be evaluated every time, defeating the purpose of caching. See ticket:14

NetCDF can't deal with files > 2GB except on cyclone. It is possible to write netCDF files that exceed 2 GiByte? on platforms that have "Large File Support" (LFS). Such files are platform-independent to other LFS platforms, but trying to open them on an older platform without LFS yields a "file too large" error.