Installation of the Viewer on Ubuntu

Install basic packages

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgdal-dev make git libopenscenegraph-dev  

Download the anuga_viewer Code

The latest version of the code is available from github. Don't use the version on sourceforge.

From your home directory, download the anuga viewer code via

git clone anuga-viewer

Change into the new directory anuga-viewer. From this directory build and install the viewer via

sudo make install

Finally we need to setup some environment variables.

Put the following in your .bashrc file (if you use the bash shell).

export SWOLLEN_BINDIR=~/anuga-viewer/bin

With some versions of linux you need to put this command in the file .profile

You should rerun your .bashrc file with

source .bashrc

Actually it is usually safer to fire up a new terminal to see if you have been successful in setting up the PATH and SWOLLEN_BINDIR

You can check your PATH with the command

printenv PATH

Check Installation

Change into the anuga-viewer/data directory and run the anuga_viewer via the command

anuga_viewer cairns.sww

Hopefully the viewer fires up and you will see a simple flow. Use the space bar to start the visualisation.

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