Tsunami Validation Steering Meeting 28 April 2008

Present: Ole Nielsen, John Jakeman, Leharne Fountain, Jane Sexton, Richard Mleczko
Next meeting:
Previous meeting: 11 April 2008 (wiki:Meeting20080411)
Next meeting: 12 May 2008 (wiki:Meeting20080512)

Previous action items

Validation milestone tickets

New actions and decisions

  • We are aiming for two URS-ANUGA maps (one with envelope data and one with polyline). see ticket:264
  • Building footprints, rivers and roads are available in GIS from Thailand. They can be used for second generation inundation.
  • Ole has arranged with ANUSF to possible produce animations ($3K per movie).
  • Satake has provided 66,000 points for the indian ocean that may improve the DEM (Richard will check this)
  • Richard is also in touch with Leibniz institute of Marine science. Swath data (finished end of May).
  • First priority is running the polyline URS, second is to run the envelope run (and get the data to Richard), third to be on top of the emerging elevation data.
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