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Tsunami Validation Steering Meeting 12 May 2008

Present: Ole Nielsen, John Jakeman, Leharne Fountain, Jane Sexton, Richard Mleczko
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Previous meeting: 28 April 2008 (wiki:Meeting20080428)
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Previous action items

Validation milestone tickets

  • Richard has created a 9s deformation file (source model of unprecedented resolution) due to restriction on nested grid algorithm.
  • Ran it in parallel on cluster in two days.
  • There is the potential for using this as input to ANUGA in the future.

New actions and decisions

  • Richard to provide run on a URS virtual tide gauges for testing purposes running wave from boundary to beach.
  • John to make tide gauge outputs from ANUGA runs for comparison. This will test boundary coupling.
  • John to try ANUGA with domain.use_edge_limiter + RK2
  • John plans four runs: (ANUGA-MOST with old and new bathymetry, ANUGA-URS envelope, ANU-polyline) + comparisons
  • Jane & Richard to decide on tide gauge locations