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Installation procedures for the imminent numpy ANUGA release

This page describes the procedures used to install ANUGA with the support packages which allow you to run numpy ANUGA on Ubuntu 8.10 (32 or 64 bit) and 32 bit Windows (XP or Vista).

This page will exist until the numpy release is finalised, at which time these procedures will be moved to the ANUGA installation guide.

The procedures below use various support packages such as numpy. The files containing the packages may be downloaded from SourceForge in the numpy_support_software package.

These procedures were written before the numpy trunk became the main branch in the repository. Any paths to numpy code mentioned here will be those in the old system. After numpy code goes into the main branch this document will be amended, but you should check the ANUGA wiki front page for announcements.

As always, the ANUGA user's list can be used to get help: mailto:anuga-user@…