Windows post-installation test and validation

Before testing, you must have installed the ANUGA system. How to get the source code is documented elsewhere, but to be brief, you can either download the latest numpy release package and unpack it into the suggested place (C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages), or you can get the numpy source tree through subversion. If you download the package follow the test and validation procedures in the current installation guide.

If you get the numpy ANUGA system through subversion, you will probably download the branches/numpy source tree to a place of your choice, say C:\ANUGA. In this case you need to set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to run ANUGA:

checkout  # needed to validate ANUGA
set PYTHONPATH environment variable to C:\ANUGA\numpy

The Windows Tortoise SVN client can be used to access the repository.

To test your ANUGA install, do:

cd C:\ANUGA\numpy\anuga

To validate ANUGA, do:

cd C:\ANUGA\numpy_anuga_validation\automated_validation_tests
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