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ANUGA - Present Applications and Future Potential, 16-17 September 2008 at Geoscience Australia

ANUGA is a Free and Open Source Software implementation of the Shallow Water Wave equations which has been developed by Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Australian National University (ANU) since 2004 (see ModSim 2005 proceedings). The software can be downloaded online at ANUGA has primarily been used for tsunami inundation modelling (see e.g. AusGeoNews 2006), due to the worldwide interest in tsunamis triggered by the events of Boxing Day 2004. Presently, there is an increasing interest in developing ANUGA into a tool for flood modelling, dam break studies and modelling of coastal processes (see e.g. Rigby).

Workshop objectives

  • Bringing the user community closer together
  • Sharing different case studies where ANUGA is being used to model hydrodynamic systems
  • Discussing and making prioritised recommendations for the future development of ANUGA.
  • Form the ANUGA Special Interest Group (ASIG):


Please see the workshop invitation for more information.


Please see the draft program for more information.

Chair and facilitator

  • Miriam Middelmann (Miriam.Middelmann@…)

Participants and Presentations (updated regularly)


  • Ole Nielsen (Ole.Nielsen@…): Presenting ANUGA - An open source hydrodynamic modelling library.
  • Kristy van Putten (kristy.vanputten@…): Presenting: "Preparing data for inundation modelling"
  • Stephen Roberts (Stephen.Roberts@…): Presenting: 1) "Numerical challenges in ANUGA" and 2) "Parallelising ANUGA"
  • Leharne Fountain (Leharne.Fountain@…): Presenting "Numerical convergence of computational mesh in ANUGA: How fine is fine enough?"



Other participants (updated regularly)

  • Rajaraman (rraman64@…)
  • Nick Bartzis (nick.bartzis@…)
  • Duncan Gray (Duncan.Gray@…)
  • Kristy Van Putten (Kristy.vanputten@…)
  • Craig Palmer (cpalmer@…)
  • Matthew Apollo (Matthew.apollo@…) Day 2 only

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