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Welcome to the ANUGA Inundation Modelling Project (Powered by Subversion and Trac 0.8.1)

This is the Main Wiki Page for the ANUGA Software Development Project.

ANUGA is a collaboration between the Risk Assessment Methods Project at Geoscience Australia and Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University.

The Subversion URL is

The project is managed through TRAC with URL

The homepage for the GA Inundation Modelling Project is

Modsim 2005 paper:

The ANUGA user manual and installation guide (updated hourly from the repository) is available at or (html) or (html)

The Inundation Modelling Project Plan: or (html)

The ANUGA requirements document: or (html)

The buildbot (Access limited to GA and ANU) is

ANUGA software download: TBA

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