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Welcome to the ANUGA Inundation Modelling Project (Powered by Subversion and Trac 0.8.1)

Geoscience Australia and the Australian National University are developing a hydrodynamic inundation modelling tool called ANUGA to help simulate the impact of hydrological hazards. The core of ANUGA is a fluid dynamics module, which is based on a finite-volume method for solving the Shallow Water Wave Equation. The study area is represented by a mesh of triangular cells. By solving the governing equation within each cell, water depth and horizontal momentum are tracked over time.

A major capability of ANUGA is that it can model the process of wetting and drying as water enters and leaves an area. This means that it is suitable for simulating water flow onto a beach or dry land and around structures such as buildings. ANUGA is also capable of modelling hydraulic jumps due to the ability of the finite-volume method to accommodate discontinuities in the solution.

To set up a particular scenario the user specifies the geometry (bathymetry and topography), the initial water level (stage), boundary conditions such as tide, and any forcing terms that may drive the system such as gravity, wind stress or rainfall.

Most ANUGA components are written in the object-oriented programming language Python. See for more background on ANUGA.


This is the Main Wiki Page for the ANUGA Software Development Project.

ANUGA is a collaboration between the Risk Assessment Methods Project at Geoscience Australia and Mathematical Sciences Institute at the Australian National University.

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Modsim 2005
AUSGEO News September 2004 - Water Flow Software, Open to all (page 8)
AUSGEO News September 2006 - Modelling answers tsunami questions
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