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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#213 Review vertex and edge limiter new steve defect high
#352 checkpointing progress to restore in case of an interrupted run new habili enhancement high
#356 compute_boundary_flows new steve defect high
#102 Get true boundaries of parallel domains new steve defect normal
#182 More integration with GIS new Vanessa enhancement normal
#186 Variable rainfall forcing function new ole enhancement normal
#210 Automatically run realistic example in test suite new nariman defect normal
#211 Use correct interpretation of xllcorner and yllcorner new leharne defect normal
#214 Discontinuous Bathymetry new steve enhancement normal ANUGA enhancements
#215 Well Balanced implementation of Flux and Gravity term new steve enhancement normal
#239 Forcing functions (or at least Inflow) should understand absolute coordinates new nariman enhancement normal
#243 Diagnostics about compatibility of elevation data at boundary new gareth enhancement normal
#273 Implement Kinematic Viscosity new steve enhancement normal ANUGA enhancements
#275 Refactor set_values in new habili enhancement normal
#306 Revisit starttime in boundaries, forcing terms and file_function. new nariman defect normal
#320 zone stored in sww is always -1 new leharne defect normal
#326 Boundary object that allows for the 'addition' of two time series new nariman enhancement normal
#340 1-D pipe flow forcing term new steve enhancement normal ANUGA enhancements
#345 STS boundary condition does not work with parallel ANUGA new leharne defect normal ANUGA maintenance
#353 couple SWAN model new ole defect normal
#354 model wave setup new ole enhancement normal
#355 couple with OSS offshore storm surge models new ole enhancement normal
#364 Allow ANUGA to read gis shapefiles to define the bounding polygon new ole enhancement normal ANUGA enhancements
#369 ANU repository and GA seem to have duplication new ole defect normal
#372 Solution - MKL FATAL ERROR when running anuga_core/ on the NCI new ole defect normal
#374 Consistent use of csv files new steve enhancement normal
#158 polygon information has no geo reference. new nariman enhancement low ANUGA maintenance
#217 Better error message if a boundary point lies outside the area defined in Field_boundary new jane enhancement low
#254 Allow functions used in set_quantity and also forcing functions to use normal absolute UTM without having to specify geo_reference object. new gareth defect low
#272 Write blocking csv2pts script new nariman enhancement low
#290 Variable friction forcing term new ole enhancement low ANUGA Flood Modelling Capability
#323 Replace nonstandard zone by central_meridian new leharne enhancement low
#325 Memory not being freed in fitting new nariman defect low Validation of GA tsunami modelling methodology
#358 Remove splitting of sww files new nariman enhancement low ANUGA enhancements
#281 Implement Erosion/Deposition code new ole enhancement lowest
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