Feb 13, 2012:

3:22 PM Ticket #361 (anuga_core/run_compile_test_all.py fails) closed by habili
3:16 PM Ticket #347 (Culverts: the ability to identify a single triangle instead of ...) closed by habili
3:14 PM Ticket #337 (sww2dem can't do one timestep at a time and also can't do very fine grids) closed by habili
3:11 PM Ticket #333 (Introduce __slots__) closed by habili
3:08 PM Ticket #330 (Mailing archives do not show up in Google searches) closed by habili
3:08 PM Ticket #329 (Default blockage for culverts) closed by habili
3:01 PM Ticket #313 (Ordering CSV files for nearest neighbour) closed by habili
3:00 PM Ticket #311 (Arrange for regular releases of ANUGA) closed by habili
2:59 PM Ticket #310 (Change culvert polygons) closed by habili
2:58 PM Ticket #301 (Export_results - momentum - segmentation fault) closed by habili
2:57 PM Ticket #294 (Better format for input to Polygon_function) closed by habili
2:51 PM Ticket #289 (Make 1D interpolation function) closed by habili
2:50 PM Ticket #287 (Compute extrema occurring in culverts) closed by habili
2:50 PM Ticket #285 (Generate coastline) closed by habili
2:46 PM Ticket #278 (Implement Inflow Boundary Condition) closed by habili
2:41 PM Ticket #270 (Obtain data underpinning 1964 tsunami simulation) closed by habili
2:40 PM Ticket #261 (Modelling the observed effects of the Nias March 2005 tsunami on ...) closed by habili
2:40 PM Ticket #259 (The role of the Great Barrier Reef in tsunami events) closed by habili
2:39 PM Ticket #258 (Modelling the observed effects of the 1953 tsunami on Suva, Fiji) closed by habili
2:10 PM Ticket #199 (tracking the coastline) closed by habili
2:09 PM Ticket #192 (Obtain maximal and minimal values for conserved quantities) closed by habili
2:04 PM Ticket #159 (Variable forcing functions) closed by habili
1:59 PM Ticket #156 (Could we remove shallow_water_kinetic ?) closed by habili
1:57 PM Ticket #137 (test_caching crashes) closed by habili
1:56 PM Ticket #90 (How about having boundary conditions take keyword arguments) closed by habili
1:55 PM Ticket #34 (triangle behaves differently, depending on the OS) closed by habili
1:54 PM Ticket #14 (Bypass arguments for caching) closed by habili
1:54 PM Ticket #73 (test_advection fails on nautilus. It's to do with weave..) closed by habili
1:53 PM Ticket #54 (if the sww files are large the tools used to interigate them crash.) closed by habili
1:49 PM Ticket #2 (Finish ferret2sww (converting MOST output to SWW format)) closed by habili
1:48 PM Ticket #13 (Cancel button on alpha shape window doesn't work) closed by habili

Feb 10, 2012:

10:34 AM Changeset [8331] by pittj
update for the new experiments

Feb 8, 2012:

3:56 PM Changeset [8330] by gray
Adding functions to estimate the time and memory used by simulations.
10:27 AM Changeset [8329] by pittj
template file for the resource usage estimator has been added to the …

Feb 2, 2012:

1:08 PM Changeset [8328] by pittj
metalog and ex1 merge added, code is now correct across all major …

Jan 31, 2012:

11:02 AM Changeset [8327] by pittj
serial is unneccessary and served as first a template and secondly an …
10:54 AM Changeset [8326] by pittj
formatted the experiment scripts

Jan 30, 2012:

9:54 PM Changeset [8325] by steve
Uncommented the vtk visualisation code in dam_break.py

Jan 24, 2012:

2:37 PM Changeset [8324] by pittj
update to work with NCI testing fj gfh
1:10 PM Changeset [8323] by gray
adding new files

Jan 23, 2012:

5:27 PM Changeset [8322] by gray
getting logging working
4:33 PM Changeset [8321] by pittj
removing unneccesary files
4:16 PM Changeset [8320] by pittj
adding portability across, tornado, NCI, cyclone and compute 1 to all …
11:32 AM Changeset [8319] by gray
Vanessa's log scripts.

Jan 22, 2012:

12:35 PM Changeset [8318] by steve
A few small changes to anuga for the week

Jan 20, 2012:

10:47 AM Changeset [8317] by pittj
correcting the mistake in the last svn
10:44 AM Changeset [8316] by pittj
NCIparallel added
10:31 AM Changeset [8315] by pittj
updating all so that they create the temporary files they use
10:21 AM Changeset [8314] by pittj
creating files first then writing to them
9:47 AM Changeset [8313] by pittj
r+ to w+ so it creates txt files
9:40 AM Changeset [8312] by pittj
fixing an error in the script

Jan 19, 2012:

1:08 PM Changeset [8311] by pittj
updating the python script files
1:05 PM Changeset [8310] by pittj
again updating the resource experiment python scripts

Jan 18, 2012:

5:06 PM Changeset [8309] by davies
Minor changes
5:06 PM Changeset [8308] by davies
Added extrapolate_velocity_second_order option in config.py and …
2:32 PM Changeset [8307] by davies
Added runup.py to swb2
2:31 PM Changeset [8306] by davies
Changes to swb2
1:48 PM Changeset [8305] by pittj
1:35 PM Changeset [8304] by pittj
adding more files from the resource experiments
1:32 PM Changeset [8303] by pittj
adding scripts for the memory and time experiments
9:52 AM Changeset [8302] by davies
Adding files for swb2

Jan 17, 2012:

5:01 PM Changeset [8301] by steve
Set parallel_safe = True for rainfall forcing term.
1:10 PM Changeset [8300] by pittj
Adding files to measure time and memory use
1:05 PM Changeset [8299] by pittj
Adding memory functions
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