ANUGA Publications

Investing in the Development of a Two-Dimensional Flood Modelling Capability
ANUGA featured on The New Inventors 10th June 2009NewInventors
Hydrodynamic Modelling of Coastal Inundation, Modsim 2005
Water Flow Software, Open to all (page 8), AUSGEO News September 2004
Modelling answers tsunami questions, AUSGEO News September 2006
Parallelisation of a finite volume method for hydrodynamic inundation modelling, ANZIAM Journal, Vol 48 (2006)
Simulation of Tsunami and Flash Floods March 2006
ANUGA case study at Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source
ANUGA flyer - describing ANUGA in one page
Direct Bed Shear Stress Measurements in Laboratory Swash (Baldock et al)
Slides showing Tom Baldock's experiments and the associated ANUGA model
Application and Testing of the ANUGA Tsunami Model for Overtopping and Coastal Sediment Transport (Baldock et al)
Modelling tsunami inundation on coastlines with characteristic form (Baldock et al)
Animation of ANUGA model of the 2004 Indian Ocean impact on Patong Beach
The Coastal Flooding by Extreme Events (CoFEE) Project (Williams et al)
ANUGA – Free & Open Source 2-D Hydrodynamic Model, with Hydrologic Capability
2D Hydraulic Modelling over a Wide Range of Applications with ANUGA
ANUGA: An Amazing FREE tool with growing capabilities
HAZARD: Is there a better definition? & Impact of Not accounting for buildings, Feb 2008
ANUGA – A New Free & Open Source Hydrodynamic Model
ANUGA – installation and Testing of new hydraulic modelSachi Canning
John Jakeman's honour's thesis on shallow water theorythesis
Talk by Ole Nielsen at AOGS 2009ANUGA - Open Source Hydrodynamic Modelling
ANUGA options paper by Miriam Middelmann-Fernandes and Ole Nielsen 2009Investing in the development of an open source two-dimensional flood modelling capability
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